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Extreme Cheapskates...holy shit.

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Things that have so far made my jaw drop while watching this show:

1. Man that gives his wife (who works) $20 a week. He has a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank. She is unaware of this. Pays for $90 meal in change. (But attempted to make six people share three plates of food at a buffet). They also lack furniture.

2. Man who has free rent but makes his roommates pay rent and also flushes toilet weekly. Uses yogurt containers as cups. Guest gets the big container!

3. Woman who is a millionaire dumpster dives and forages in the woods for family dinner.

4. A couple shares shampoo suds, toothbrushes, deodorant (one swipe per arm!), and dental floss. They are also going to share a coffin/headstone. They're disappointed they can't just use a normal rock.

5. Woman uses the same Christmas tree every year year-round. IT WAS ONCE ALIVE. It's not even a fake tree. It's just a brown, dead tree. She's also throwing her 10 year old's birthday party at a random retirement home. Why you wouldn't just stay home/go to park, I don't know.


Re: Extreme Cheapskates...holy shit.

  • psychdoc12psychdoc12
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    Don't forget that woman #3 got part of the big family meal from a dumpster.

    Edit: just realized you mentioned it, my disgust at recalling it made me miss it! And of course, she tells everyone she got the cake she's served from a dumpster and then acts offended when they don't want to eat it. And it's covered from a jam made of "wild strawberries." Ick.
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  • Most of the things are normal...not taking long showers, having a compost, having an older car...but they take it waaaaaaay too far.

    This one is stupid though. The daughter is frustrated her mom isn't paying a lot for her wedding. The daughter should just pay for her own wedding or shut up.
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  • The worst part about it all is the people are either painfully awkward or so annoying and cocky! I can't hardly stand watching the show because of them.
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  • I saw one where the lady dumpster dove for all their. Any stuff including prenatal....
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  • norbert5norbert5
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    Where is the nope octopus?

    But seriously I like a bargain and saving money but eating food out of a dumpster? Hell no.

    Eta: fat fingers
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  • Tried to watch one episode on Netflix, but had to stop not even 10 minutes in because it made me gag. Blegh... :-&

  • The only cool thing about the episode with the boys birthday in the nursing home is at the end if the day, he was still grateful to have a party.
  • there was one on last week where the family of 4 shared the same tub of water to bathe in. like, they filed the tub and then took turns taking a bathe in the same water. that made my skin crawl
  • I saw a couple episodes and I think it could be classified as a mental condition, like a compulsive disorder.  [Some] put being a "cheapskate" (read: money) above everything, even when their family is unhappy.  More so, their wives/people around them just deal with it all while complaining about it.  Brainwashed? Co-dependency? And what are they saving for because they never do say.  It seems like they are getting a "high" off of the 16 dollars they save a year because they don't buy toothpaste or the 25 cents saved for not turning on the stove.  The man that takes his family to the buffet had over 200 thousand dollars saved in secrecy and was hysterical about it.  Meanwhile his wife and two kids have no furniture to sit.
  • Sounds like a twist on hoarders. crazy people make good television.
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  • dh13 said:

    I saw one episode the other day where a man would ask the people around him at restaurants for their leftovers. I died.

    I felt so bad for his wife!

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