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Do any of you ladies send your child/children on base for childcare? How do you feel about the quality? Focused more on preschool age do you feel that there is a lot of learning taking place or is it mostly just babysitting services. Right now I'm using an off post center and am not happy because I don't feel that my LO is learning. It sucks because he gets excited about learning and reading. Looking for growth. T.I.A.
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  • DS1 is in full time care on post here in Germany. We are extremely happy, but I'm sure that like anything, quality varies from location to location and is dependent on too many factors to name. Check out your other options, both on post and off, to find the best fit for your family.

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  • My daughter is seven weeks old and has been on the waiting list for on base care since the beginning of my pregnancy. That being said I had to look into off post care and decided to go with a learning center instead of a daycare. They have a list of curriculum that the cover. I am not sure if your on post care does the same, but if you're looking for something more education focused I suggest a learning center.

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  • Thanks for the advice. We live off post and right now he attends an off post center, they are just not teaching him enough. I was wondering if there was better luck on post. I guess the search continues. As of right now to keep him interested I work with him daily at home in the evenings but I don't want to overwhelm him.
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  • If you are looking for somewhere that is more structured, try to find an accredited center. NAYCE is one accreditation source and they have search function on their site to help you find NAYCE accredited centers.

    Keep in mind though that just because a center is accredited or is teaching your child doesn't mean they are offering good care. The center here on base is accredited, but their quality of care is sub-standard IMO. We pulled DS out after three weeks.

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  • I use an FCC provider.  MY LO is only 3 months but I BF at her house twice a day so we talk a lot and I see her with the other children and she really puts a lot of effort into their lesson plans and teaching them what they each individually need to work on at that point in their development.  She even does that for my 3 month old - which I really like.  Some things she suggests on her own, and other times I tell her what he's starting to do and she takes it from there.   I don't think you can make a blanket statement about military childcare.  It's going to vary from place to place just like it does on the civilian side because it depends more than anything on the person providing the care.  
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