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Xmas Gifts for Daycare Provider

Are you getting a Christmas/Holiday gift for your daycare provider?  If so, what do you plan to get?  (If you're getting a gift card, how much will you spend?) 
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Re: Xmas Gifts for Daycare Provider

  • My LO isn't in daycare, but as a teacher, I thought I could throw in my two cents! I am used to getting gift cards from my students for about $10.00...usually for Starbucks, as they know I'm a huge fan of coffee:) Also, I'm on Pinterest and have seen some great ideas on there if you're stuck!
  • Thanks for posting, I'm interested as well!
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  • I usually do a gift card and some chocolates.  The gift card is usually for about $50.
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  • Since DD will be starting daycare Dec 3rd, I will probably not get something for daycare. Maybe a batch of cookies or something along that lines...

    Next year however, I would potentially do gift cards in the $5-10 range. I've seen gift card packages at Walmart that have 4, $10 cards to X restaurant or iTunes. Probably something like that



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  • My husband and I are teachers. While we love chocolate, it can start to be too much at times. Also, Starbucks seems to be the most popular gift card, except DH doesn't like coffee. So I usually end up using most of them. I'm not complaining, but I'm sure he would prefer something else. Amazon ones are always useful and can be used on anything. Or just find out what your daycare provider likes. I know one year it got out that DH likes subway, so he got a bunch of subway cards.
  • I was thinking either $10 gift cards to a grocery store or Walmart/target. Everyone goes to or could find SOMETHING at these places. Food cards kind of lock you and like pps said if you don't like it then it's kind of lame.
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