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another update on DH's horrid MN picks

OK. I took your advice and put my foot down. DH took it much better than I expected. He wants us both to like our baby's name too, but he still asked that I pick a middle name off his list since I chose the first name.

I can't bear to give up the first name Lila. I picked it because I liked the sound and then found that means "play" in Sanskrit. Play as in a theater production. And theater has always been a passion of mine. So I just feel that this is supposed to be her name.

Of the names on his short list there was only one that made me think "That's pretty". And although original, it's a actual name (according to

So her name will be Lila Siren Lastname.

Yes, I considered that the word can have a sexual connotation (and police siren LOL). But if DH is ok with it, the numerous other meanings and the fact that it just sounds pretty and harmonious, make me like it enough to overlook it's stripper-esque qualities.

Coming from a musical family and being an accomplished vocalist myself, I like the idea of naming my daughter after a mythical creature with a voice so beautiful men would die for. Especially in conjunction with her first name meaning "play". The only thing I love more than theater is MUSICAL THEATER! And the Sirens of Greek Mythology were never portrayed as sexual beings. Their songs appealed to the spirit, not the flesh.

Then of course there are the screen sirens of all the classic films I loved to watch with my grandmother: Grace, Katherine, Audrey, Ava, Ingrid, Rita, name a few. 

And then in Latin the word means peace, tranquil

So let me have it: Even though it might not be your style, if you met someone IRL with that name would you think more "Oh, that's pretty and interesting" or "Poor kid, stupid parents"

Re: another update on DH's horrid MN picks

  • it seems like you've really thought this out and i think the reasons you've chosen this name are meaningful. this baby is an extension of you and your DH and i think the name you've chosen is a beautiful representation of that as corny as that may sound. the name IMO is pretty and unique and i like it! HTH
  • I think Lila is lovely. But I think Siren is setting her up for some serious teasing in her future. Kids are not going to think of Greek mythology, they're going to think AOWOOWOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOOOO!!

    As a middle name, it's probably not that big of a deal. But it's definitely a name I would raise my eyebrows at, like uhhh okay, those parents were smoking something. 

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  • While it's not my style, I ditto pp. It's meaningful and a true collaboration. You won't be calling her "Lila Siren" all the time, right? Just Lila?

    Its pretty and unique!

  • Ditto pp. It's nms, but it's not bad. And I think you've thought it through and you are choosing it for the right reasons.
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  • Honestly? I think Siren is awful, and I would hate it if it was my middle name. But Lila is pretty, and as long as you don't introduce her as Lila Siren then most people won't know.

    And it is lightyears better than Traydin or whatever it was before.

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  • It's lovely, and obviously very thoughtful.  I wouldn't worry for a second about kids teasing her - how many people can you think of that you actually know their middle names?  It just doesn't come up a lot, especially on a playground.  It's a triumph that you actually agreed on something, and it's great that it means something.  Go for it.
  • I think Siren is better than the previous two and it seems much more meaningful than "just some video gamer's name." I think she'll be fine teasing wise because children seldom know each other's middle name.

  • I'm glad to see you finally compromised on something you both can agree on. While Siren is nms, no one will know her middle name unless they ask, and it's not horrible (some of the other choices were HORRIBLE). I also like the reason behind your choice, which can make a not so good name sound better.
  • I like Lila Siren a lot. Would you like Lila Sirena better? Either way, I think it's cool and better than "Lila Marie" or "Lila Ann" Much more personality. (I really like Siren.)
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  • I also agree with pp.  NMS but definitely better than his other ideas and a cute/interesting without being really weird name.  And I like the story behind it.

    Here's the thing - your child, your choice.  If you are happy with the name, to hell with what everyone else thinks about it.

  • Lila is very pretty not crazy about Siren! But she is yours do what u like!!
  • I don't think it's that bad.?

    I really like Lila?

  • I think you should throw out that baby name website. Siren is not a real name. Lila is beautiful. Why does the middle name have to be a random word for your DH to like it.


  • So much better than the other names he came up with...

    I think if you explain the mythical context and your vocal background to your daughter, she'll get it.

  • I get that you have musical interests, but it seems to me that you could find many other names reflective of that interest aside from Siren.  I see a great deal of teasing in your child's future with a name like Siren. 
  • I love the name Lila.  I do like the meaning behind the middle name, but I just don't know if I could agree to using that name for my child.  No offense intended.  Embarrassed I do think it helps that it's the middle name.  I don't see a lot of teasing going on because how many people are going to know her middle name anyway?
  • Honestly it's still pretty awful.

     Why would you want to name your child after bird women who lured men in and ate them?

    I'm all for names with meaning but it sounds to me like you are grasping to come up with a special meaning. He shows you a list and you pick one that sounds least horrible and then say "well I do like music!"

    I agree with pp poster, why does he insist on made up words and/or random words?

    How about Lila Fork? You could justify it by the fact that you and your dh both eat with forks almost everyday! He should like it, it's just as random.

    I'm a teacher and that would definitely be a name that I would think "stupid parents"

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  • Compared with what you posted yesterday, that is a fantastic middle name.

    I do think she might get some crap when they get to the mythology lessons in high school because sirens aren't exactly something you strive to be compared to, and if she happens to be kinda loud she'll forever be made fun of.?

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  • I think that Lila is beautiful.  Siren is definitely nms, but much much better than the other options he gave you.  I would think unique, and different but not awful.
  • Sounds like you came up with a good compromise.  Lila is pretty and Siren is MUCH better than his other choices.  A little bit creative, but not totally out there. 

    Do you feel better about everything now?

  • I do. I wouldn't be my ideal MN. But he really did give up the most. and I don't Hate it.
  • Ok, so I just read your original post, and my H too, loves Everquest.  Perhaps your H would like to name your children after his character's name?  Its Giver.  Giver Dapeepee.  Real mature huh?  I would die if H wanted to name our children after his (or any of his friends) Everquest names!  H's "normal" names are bad enough as it is. 

    good luck!

  • Honestly, middle names are not a big deal. How often do you say your full, given name?

    In fact I have no clue as to what many of my good friends middle names are.

    If you like it, go for it. The first name is much more important (obviously) in terms of people liking it/making fun of it.


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  • image MaineWifey:

    Ok, so I just read your original post, and my H too, loves Everquest.  Perhaps your H would like to name your children after his character's name?  Its Giver.  Giver Dapeepee.  Real mature huh?  I would die if H wanted to name our children after his (or any of his friends) Everquest names!  H's "normal" names are bad enough as it is. 

    good luck!

    LOL. He probably would, but I won't be suggesting it. Think there is any way we can sabotage EQ? It's such a PITA sometimes. I just can't understand how DH can sit there and press 3 key over and over again. And it takes up SOOOOO much time. Hours and hours of hitting the same 3 keys! Sometimes I try to sabotage the internet so he can't play. MUAHAHA!

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