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Recommend your vacuum cleaner?

Baby gear because my baby is now picking up every speck on the floor and my current vacuum cleaner makes things look nice, but misses quite a bit.

Re: Recommend your vacuum cleaner?

  • We have a Dyson ourselves, however fell out of love with it after getting it. Is very loud (then again, most vacumes are), the supposed roller ball is a pain in the @$$ (I think they redesigned it about a year after we got ours; the one we got was supposed to go over bumps smoothly - does not. It is a fight to gwt it over the threasholds between tile/wood/carpet/lineloium floors), guess it still has the suction however the extendable wand has so much bulk and length that it is a pain to get the dryer de-fuzzed (even when using a special adaptor for that job) or reach a corner of the room without the body of thr vacuum tipping over and smashing into me/falling to the ground where then it smushes my toes. If you're trying to use it in a tight space, expect fowl language to come from your mouth & bruises on your body from the thing bonking into you.
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    and for your ears to ring afterwards.
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  • I wondered about the Dyson with the ball. Ours is one of the older models; we've never had a problem with the things the pp mentioned. Good to know though; we were looking into getting a new one! 
  • We love our Dyson . We have had ours for four years and still love it . We don't have any issues and the suction is awesome !
  • Love our Dyson! Got it Black Friday a few years ago for $280
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  • Dyson. Have had it 7 years.couldnt love a vacuum more!
  • I really want an Oreck.



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  • We are obsessed with our shark, it's designed to be better than a dyson and it's only $150!! We love it!!
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  • I have a Bissel Healthy Home and it has been going strong for 7 years.  Cheaper than the Dyson and I never have issues with it not picking stuff up.  I would personally never, ever spend more than $300 on something that sucks up dirt.
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  • Hoover high performance is around 150 from walmart and j'ts awesome. Fairly heavy to push, but powerful as heck.
  • We have a shark that we really like but haven't had it that long so don't know how long it will last, but it had good reviews online.
    Also, I saw that target has some good deals on dysons for Black Friday if that's what you decide to go with..
  • We have 2 large dogs and 4 cats. I have had 2 different Dyson's in the past a regular and an Animal one...I loved both at first and then after 5 years of hard use and the warranty running out they both quit on me. this last time I didn't want to spend another $600 on a vacuum that would last 5 years so we decided to give the new Shark liftaway a try for $200 and it also has a 5 year warranty.

    We have had the Shark for almost a year now and I love it as much or more than I did the Dysons! Also works great on hard floors.
  • I have the Shark Rotator Profession 3 in 1 LIft Away.  I never though I could love a vacuum so much.  It's awesome and it is actually rated higher than the Dyson and is half the price.

    It retails at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $260 but you can get it for $200 with a 20% off coupon.
  • mom gave me her dyson when she moved away and i LOVE that thing.  if she ever wanted it back, i would go straight out and buy another one.  expensive, but worth every penny!!!  i would never go back to any other brand...

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  • I'm a lurker but I'll second the recommendations of the shark lift away.  That thing is incredible.  And it picks up so much stuff (we have a cat who sheds) that it's a godsend.  I'm sure the Dyson is great too, but the shark got better reviews on Amazon (from people who own both), and it was less than half the price with the BBB 20% coupon.  Since buying it, we've never regretted not getting the Dyson.

    I desperately want a roomba also to run while we are at work.  That would cut down our vacuuming considerably.  My parents have one, and it entertains their cat as well.  Double duty.
  • Miele. Our landlord provided us with a Dyson canister and I find it heavy and loud. I never wanted to use it. So I shelled out money for a Miele canister (there are a bunch of different models at different price points). It is much lighter and quieter. Also, I can't stand the cloud of dust that happened every time I emptied the Dyson. Miele uses bags and they don't leak.
  • We used to have a Hoover, which I thought was a good vacuum.  I vacuumed our floors twice over, then we had a professional steam cleaner come in the same day.  The very next day, our Dyson Animal came (we bought refurbished and it was as good as new, but such a great deal) and I had to empty the pail 3 times for the crap it picked up that our old vacuum AND the pro cleaners left behind.
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