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Hygeia q or ameda purely yours breast pump??

Hey guys! So I'm having my second child and am offered through my insurance one of these electric pumps! I'm really excited because my first born is now 8 and at the time manual pumps were the way to go! Needless to say, I had a hard time nursing and pumping(I didn't produce too much). So I've been reading up on some tips to increase milk supply and I think with an electric pump I will have a better supply! So here's my q! Which pump? Hygeia q or ameda purely yours? Hopefully some of you have used either and can give me some pros and cons about which you've used!! Thanks!

Re: Hygeia q or ameda purely yours breast pump??

  • Both my lactation consultant and my MIL (Who has been a lactation consultant for 30 years) said absolutely do not get an Ameda.  My SIL bought one for her baby just last month and has already had to get 3 warranty replacements for what that's worth.  I guess Ameda was recently bought out by another manufacturer and while they used to be good products...not so much anymore.

    I realize that there are bad ones in every brand, and maybe my SIL just got a bad one, but it's the only experience I have to share about the Ameda vs. Hygeia since all of my new-mom friends this year just went ahead and bought Medela pumps out of pocket rather than dealing with insurance. 

    I went with the Hygeia since it was free through insurance.  My insurance will also reimburse up to 60% of a Medela if I purchase it out of pocket even after getting the Hygeia, so we are really fortunate.  We'll see how it goes!  Good Luck!

  • I haven't used it yet, but after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to get the hygeia q. It's compatible with a lot of medela parts that you can buy individually, which apparently can make the cups a little more comfortable. Also it is supposed to be easier to clean because it's a closed system.
  • They are both closed systems, but I would probably go with the Hygeia. It has a few more features than the Ameda, such as a cool button that records your baby crying to help with the letdown reflex!

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  • My insurance covered the Medela Advanced and Hygeia Q (among some other less desirable models), and I went with the Hygeia after talking with a medical supplier for breast pumps that works with my insurance. I like the features and accessories that came with the Hygeia, plus the Q is labeled as a hospital grade (higher grade than the Medela) pump.
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