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What are your NYE plans?

We're going to a Hibachi/Sushi restaurant to eat with my sister, BIL and some friends (and Taylor), then back to our house to ring in the new year with drinks and champagne!  Sis is pg this year, so she will have Sparkling Grape Juice.  I however, am happy that I will be drinking this year.
Taylor Kate 6.4.08

Secondary IF: Age 40, Ovarian cysts, Stage 3 Endometriosis, lost right tube,

remaining tube partially blocked. FSH 7.8 | AMH 1.02

IVF #1 Antagonist cycle, ER: 13R, 9F, 1 frozen

5dt on 11/1 of one beautiful, perfect blast with zero fragmentation

Very cautious BFP!!

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Re: What are your NYE plans?

  • We're going out for a romantic dinner since this is our last year as a two-some. Plus, this has been a helluva month and we need to take a deep breath. We'll probably have to do the countdown (complete w/ginger ale) for some other timezone though. I don't imagine I'll make it until midnight!

    Happy new year, everyone!

  • Haha...I may have to take that idea and do the countdown with an earlier time zone too. 
    We're bringing dinner to DH's cousin's house and then putting Kate down & having mommy daddy time.  (Read=sleep!)
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