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gift for daycare teacher?

DD is 2.5 and goes to daycare 5 d/wk.  I wasn't sure if parents usually buy a Christmas gift for their teacher.  If so, what have you given in past?  
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Re: gift for daycare teacher?

  • I've worked at centers for about 5 years. Each parent is different. I've received several gifts for Christmas, teacher appreciation, even baby gifts when I was pregnant. Most gifts are under $15. Candles, supplies for the room, small gift cards for places like Dunkin or Starbucks, Bath and Body Works items. I've always gotten gifts from the parents who felt they could be open and honest with me, whose children had a special bond with me. I was always grateful for the gifts I received, but I never side eyed parents who didn't get me one at all. If you love DDs teacher, get her something small to show your appreciation.
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  • I'm big on appreciation gifts - because these are the people who spend a large quantity of time with my son, and I appreciate that!  I don't know where I'd be without them.

    I send in baked goods every now and again for the whole center.  I get little presents for his old teachers when he changes rooms, for Provider Appreciation Day, and the Winter Holidays.  Some of the things I've done:

    Little potted plans
    Vases filled with flowers
     Reuseable cups and Jamba Juice gift cards
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  • I got my daycare provider a gift cert. to a restaurant. I found out through a friend where her and her husband like to go so that helped. Like pp said, I truly appreciate her and feel like a little something during the holidays is appreciated by her as well.

    As a teacher, I dont always get gifts although several do give something simple. Such as a candle, chocolates, DD gift card. My favorites are always Staples or Target gc's since I will end up using them to buy more stuff for the classroom.
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  • Gift cards
    Embroidered Apron
    Basket of favorite treats
    Craft from DS (there are several cute ideas on pinterest)
  • probably doing $50 to Target 
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  • for halloween I gave them pedicures they really appreciated it
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  • For halloween I gave them basket of candy and halloween themed candle and hand sanitizer from bath and body works. For Christmas, not sure yet but probably a gift certificate. I also take baked goods once a month for the class and randomly take stuff for the teachers, coffee cake, muffins, etc. I like many others appreciate all the time with my daughter.
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  • I am going to do $20 gift cards to Target for the three teachers in his current room at daycare.  Not sure if I should get the director or assistant director anything?
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  • I am going to do $25 GC's to Target for the teachers & a couple of new books for the classroom.  

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  • I'm big on appreciation gifts - because these are the people who spend a large quantity of time with my son, and I appreciate that!  I don't know where I'd be without them.

    I get her main teachers a gift card at the holidays - usually Starbucks or Target. Then I do a 'treat basket' of baked goods for the center staff - director, admin, cook, etc. All of them play a part in DD's happiness at daycare and I want them to be recognized for that.
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  • I honestly think money is the best gift.  Seriously, if you were a daycare worker, would you want a giftcard to x store (you may not even shop there) or some cash?   Most daycare workers really don't make a great living and could probably use the extra cash around the holidays. 

    As such, I give $100 to each FT daycare teacher (4 - total $400), and I plan on giving at least 25  to the other flex teachers that occasionally fill in the room (about 5 of those, so I'm planning on around 150 - 175 for this category of teachers).  I wish I could give them more but it has been a tough year for me financially with a family illness that has been a huge financial drain.

    I also give them each a nice card with a picture of my daughter holding up a little heart sign that says "I love you Miss XXX" and a nice note expressing my gratitude for their great care throughout the year.

    In my opinion, I would rather be over generous with the people that basically spend as much (or more) time with my daughter than myself.  They certainly deserve it and I can cut back in other areas to make up for the cost.  If anybody deserves a generous gift, it is the people that care for our children every day.




  • I'm doing a $40 giftcard for DD's main teacher and $20 for the assistant, along with a goody basket for each. I'm also going to make a goody basket for the director.
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    Money or gift cards! And I would always give the asst the same as the lead just because I've been both and we both do the same amount of hard work. I was a Montessori teacher, and let me tell you the honest truth: Though presents are always appreciated and often super cute, what I really really absolutely wanted was for parents to stop sending their children to school with go-gurt. The yogurt in a tube. It's gotta stop. That would have been the best gift of all. Spread the word. :)
  • Last year we did a 4 pack of movie tickets for each of their teachers.  They each had older children, so we thought it would be something nice they could do with their families. I may do the same this year but also include their prior teachers (they moved rooms in October) because they basically potty trained my children and for that I will be forever grateful. 
  • Crap...I was thinking $10 Panera cards for each. Is that cheap of me?
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  • I am buying $20 gift cards to Amazon for each teacher (5 total including assistants) and the three administrators.  We are in a new area and new school and everyone has been wonderful helping my girls to transition.  Normally, I would just do something for the teachers.

    hmontty, I don't think it's cheap to give a $10 gift-I think most teachers have no expectation about if they will receive a gift or for how much.
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