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Dr. Melissa Waterstone - OB at NY Presbyterian-Weill Cornell

Hi! I'm 6 weeks pregnant and scheduled my first OB appt with Dr. Melissa Waterstone on 12/3/13.  She works out of Weill Cornell Medical Associates on E. 80th. Has anyone used her or delivered with her?  I'm just looking for some positive (or negative) feedback on her.  Thanks in advance! 

Re: Dr. Melissa Waterstone - OB at NY Presbyterian-Weill Cornell

  • I am a doula and I have been at deliveries with her.  She is pretty standard OB doc.  Her patients seem to like her but she does not seem to like doulas in the room.  took me being with her a few times for her to even acknowledge I was in the room.  She is straight forward, if you are looking for hand holding not likely to find it here.
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  • @citybirths - thank you for your response!  I think I can deal with straight forward.  I just want someone who is smart and competent.  The other doctor in the practice is Dr. McConville - have you worked with her at all? Thanks!
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  • Yes I have seen both in action.  They are both ok, not overly warm, you pretty standard type of doctor, you will not feel rushed but at the same time you will not feel like they are overly interested in you either.  I do however like NY Pres to deliver at, nurse for the most part are really nice and rooms are great.
    Best of luck!

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  • Dr Waterstone is my doctor and I absolutely love her. I am 28.5 weeks pregnant and have been seeing her since July. She is very professional and has been great at answering my questions. She doesn't tell you everything at the very beginning of your pregnancy, but waits to tell you things as you get to the, which I like. I would highly recommend her.
  • Dr. Waterstone has been my doctor for about 9 years and has seen me through many difficult medical situations.  She has always done her best to advocate for me and has shown her dedication as an OB/GYN.  I just had a baby in October and she saw me through the pregnancy, and was vigilant about my health as I was a high-risk pregnancy (aside from just being over 35).  She is rather matter of fact and not overly fuzzy, but I didn't mind that at all.  Though she was not on-call the day I had my baby, her associate, Dr. Jane Kaufman was, and did a fantastic job.  She was not pushy, but she was more straight-forward, as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Waterstone!  Congratulations and best of luck!!
  • Hi Lavendome,
    Have you been seeing Dr. Waterstone since you last posted here?  How has your experience been with her so far? I am almost 6 weeks pregnant, and just made an appt for next week but with what I've been reading online she seems to have lots of mixed reviews, some are really bad...I'm very worried and was hoping you could share your experience with her so far. I appreciate it!

  • Dr. Waterstone delivered my son in August 2011. It was an unplanned (but not emergency) c-section. I absolutely loved her. She wasn't my OB, I was with Dr. McConniville. I had a fantastic experience and a very easy recovery, which I attribute a lot to her as the surgeon.
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