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Ameda Platinum settings advice

I need some quick advice on settings on the Ameda hospital grade pump. DD is 9 weeks and BF'ing was pretty well established. However, she is now sick with RSV and in the hospital. I am able to nurse her but she has dramatically reduced the length and frequency of nursing. I am also very sick plus not sleeping so my supply is dropping noticeably. The nurses brought an Ameda Platinum and all the supplies I need to our room so I'm trying to pump to regain supply. Can anyone give me some advice for suction and speed settings? It's the new version with the digital adjustments, not knobs. I've been doing the highest speed at about 30% suction for 20 minutes. Should that help build up my supply? TIA.

There's a lactation center in the hospital but I can't go up there until DH gets here later today. And I hate to call the LC's down here because we are in isolation due to the RSV.
DS: 2/17/11          DD: 9/4/13

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