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Did anyone have their membranes stripped?

I did yesterday, and I woke up a few times in the middle of the night to pee, but really sad that I wasn't having contractions or anything. :(

I KNOW that it doesn't always do anything, but I was just trying to be optimistic and hope that it would.

Anyways, if you had yours stripped, what was the outcome? How many days afterwards did you go into labor? Did your water break, or did you just start having contractions?

Edited: I forgot to say - I am now 2.5cm dilated and 70-80% effaced.

Re: Did anyone have their membranes stripped?

  • I've never heard of this - may I ask what is was?
  • It's when they seperate the water bag from the cervix.
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  • Interesting!  Well, I hope it makes you go into labor soon!  =)
  • It didn't really hurt ... I felt a stronger cramp for like 2 seconds and that is it. I'm surprised it didn't hurt more, though, b/c I've heard a LOT of girls saying it was the most awful thing ever.

    But maybe it just has to do w/ me being 2.5cm dilated already I'm thinking ...

  • yeah I was curious b/c there are a lot of mixed opinions about it. Some people say it hurts a lot and others say it is no big deal. Glad you didn't have a lot pain with it!
  • I didn't have it done, but I'm hoping it works for you!
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  • I got nothing, but I wanted to say good luck and I hope she comes soon! 
  • I have not had it done, and I know i have heard some say they had to have it done multiple times. IDK, I also always heard having your water broken hurts too but really i barely felt it. GL! I hope Savannah is here soon!
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  • I had it done.  It was like a more uncomfortable internal exam, but I DIdn't think it hurt.  I had some cramping immediately afterwards, but didn't have contractions and I think it was another week to 10days before I delivered.
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