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Baby crawling up playpen

So my almost 8 month old son is crawling pretty fast now and climbing on everything. I thought I would get like the Rugrats style playpen so I can put him in when cleaning the house or just need a minute to sit (I'm chasing after him pretty much all day long). So I bought it and put him in it and he stands up and starts crawling up it like a fence!! Thank God I was right there or it could have ended really bad. There's no way I can put him in it. He can crawl up it and fall and crack his skull. I'm so frustrated. Is this normal and Is there anything I can do besides follow him around or put him in his crib?

Re: Baby crawling up playpen

  • I can't baby proof our apt to the point where I can turn my back or leave the room for longer than a minute at a time. Luckily our apt is small and there is usually something I can do in each room at any given time.

    So, I baby proofed as much as I could and whichever room she wants to play in that's where we are. Sometimes she is playing on her own and sometimes she wants to play with me but I have to be around either way in case she gets into something she is not supposed to touch.

    I save the stuff that I can't do around her for whatever reason for when she is napping or when my sitter comes over (I am a SAHM and have help 2 days a week)

    DD has been crawling for a couple of months and its not like I'm spending all my days simply flowing her from room to room and taking things from her. There's time where she plays on the floor just fine.

    Anyhow, that's what works for us!
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  • DS isn't crawling, although he tries very hard at walking. There are times he's content to play on the floor, and if he's not I just put him on my back. I just got a non stretchy woven wrap to do this.
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  • I completely feel you on this one.  My DS is crawling very fast now and loves to head for the stairs every time.  I can't turn away for a minute without him taking off.  We were looking into some sort of enclosure for him so that I could get things done like folding laundry, etc.  I looked into the style you got, but since he already tries to climb the side of his pack and play I knew he would climb up that.  We ended up getting a play pen from Joovy called the Moon Room.  It has been great!  He has plenty of room to play in it and the walls of it are slanted so he can't climb up it successfully.  Totally worth the investment.

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  • Does he like solids? I put DS in his highchair with some finger-foods to let him play. Or even give him a couple toys.

    It helps that I have older daughters to fetch him things or to keep him distracted so I can continue working on dishes or whatever. I'm also not above asking them to take him into his baby-proofed room and play with him with the door closed while I do one task or another, while carrying the baby monitor around.
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