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Yay! Finally!

I finally got the hospital co-pay that I owed sorted out and paid!  Just in the nick of time, since I had the money in a FSA that had to be used this year.  I swear, it's a little ridiculous that they forgot to charge me $250, yet have had no problems calling me for the $56 TV and phone charges I don't think I should have to pay.  lol

Re: Yay! Finally!

  • That's great! I am sure you are glad to get it taken care of. Did you end up having to pay the $56, I still think that sucks.

    Would you like to take care of mine? the stupid new lab is trying to charge me $500 for betas and stuff and they haven't even tried to bill my insurance. I have called 3 times and I am hoping it's fixed now. Also I am waiting on the $1200 bill for my D&C. I am hoping it never comes. I think they should just cover that.

  • hmm...I wonder if some friends of ours got theirs sorted out. Wasn't this from St. F?
  • Yeah, it was St. F.  And I went ahead and paid the $56, but not happily.  I appealed the charge and they still said I had to pay it.  grrr.  I'm sorry you're having to deal with bullsh!t charges on top of everything you're already going thru Chrissy.  ((HUGS))

  • That's good that you got it sorted out, but that definitely sucks that you had to pay the $56, I bet they get a lot of people with charges like that!
  • Thanks Mel. I think I got the DCL bill figured out. It just took 3 calls. They shoud pay, they paid for my first cycle and the last one, so just 2 in the middle. It's just weird those charges fell through the cracks.

    I am pretty upset about the $1200. So much more I could buy than a surgery I didn't event want. But that's life I guess. Pretty sucky.

    I would be very mad for charging you for the phone, that's pretty bad service.

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