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Our boys might not ever get names!

DH went through a baby book of names the other night and did not come up with ONE that he liked.  How are we suppose to come up with two boy names when he cannot even find one!  I am starting to get stressed out!!!  Just venting!!!

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Re: Our boys might not ever get names!

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    You could tell him that he has to come up with SOMETHING that he likes or you will name the boys "Hey You" and "Come Here" to save time calling them in for dinner each night. Stick out tongue

    Either that, or you can come up with YOUR list of names you like for both boys, and he can pick from that. I bet he'll come up with something he likes...

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    DH and I had a similar problem (except I was the trouble maker!)...We ended up going through with two different colored highlighters. I had instructions that I HAD to pick at least 10 names from the book and highlight them. DH went through first and highlighted all the ones he liked in blue. I went back through and highlighted all the ones I liked in pink. Then we compared. There were only a handful of purple names (ones we both liked) for the that became our list and we narrowed it down by choosing middle name options for each of the names and picked the one that sounded the best and that we both liked the best.
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    ha ha!  Jay and I are having the discussion over one more name.  We have decided on one name but can't agree on the other guy's name.  He keeps coming up with the stupidest names so I told him we both will do lists of our top 10 and middle names to go with and we'll go from there.  He's scared I'll get to do all the naming and I'm thinking it may turn out that way b/c he can only think of dumb names.  :)

    good luck, boys names are HARD!!!

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    He's scared I'll get to do all the naming and I'm thinking it may turn out that way b/c he can only think of dumb names.  :)

    My DH got SO upset because William and Matthew were both on "my" list...He says he felt like I was the only one that had any say in naming them. I wanted to slap him. I was like, "Do you like both names better than names on "your" list?" And he said yes. So I said, "Fine. End of discussion. We're not going to argue over who came up with the name!" 

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