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Midwives at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Hello All -
I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a midwife to hire privately (not a practice) to attend a birth at Bryn Mawr Hospital.  I had my first with The Birth Center but transferred for a C-section.  The Birth Center doesn't do VBAC's and I already have an OBGYN whom we love, but I wanted to have a midwife along for the ride and wasn't sure if that was possible.  My health insurance does not cover a doula so it would have to be a midwife.  Any info would be great, 
Thanks in advance :)

Re: Midwives at Bryn Mawr Hospital

  • I don't believe that BMH allows that. Unless you don't tell them that your birth partner is a midwife?  She would not be able to actually deliver you at BMH.  Also, if you are serious about a VBAC, I do not recommend BMH.  I was a Birth Center transfer to BMH and wanted a VBAC.  I interviewed a GREAT OB at BMH and after a wonderful talk, he told me that if I was really serious about a VBAC, that I might want to consider another hospital because most of the doctors on call would make it difficult for me there.

    I delivered at a different local hospital with a midwife and had a great VBAC.  Let me know if you want that contact info!  Good luck to you either way!

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  • Thanks for the info.  I knew that the midwife wouldn't have hospital privileges so I was more just looking to hire her for a constant support person (who just so happens to know if somethings wrong and can get the drs attn.)  I have considered switching OB's a few times lately - just to be closer to home (we're about 45 min from Bryn Mawr) but hubby loves the place and we do know and like our doctor - I'd be nervous about switching to someone i wasn't as happy with - so at least for this pregnancy we'll be there.  So if anyone knows of a freelance midwife - thats what we're really looking for.  I know its a long shot.
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  • You may want to check with insurance to see if they will pay for a freelance midwife in addition to your physician. I doubt they will cover this. You'll have better luck with a doula for what you're looking for... I bet it will be worth it to have the best shot at the birth you want!

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  • Thanks for the help ladies - I've looked into a doula and they are a bit pricey, but I have a call in to my insurance so we'll see what happens.  Thanks again for the advice :)
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