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Thinking of Planning a BIG Trip

We are thinking of taking a trip to MX in 2010. Prob that spring. We of course will not take AT.

The whole babysitter thing wories me a bit I guess. More than likely the IL will be watching him for us. Meaning they will make the trip from OH to stay at our hosue for the week.

I just wonder if this is too much to ask of them? I have heard her mention before that they would just keep him but not sure if she meant at their house up there or here. And if they came here would we pay their way here etc. It just gets so complicated when you dont have family close by!

But a side note I am so excited to know that we are thinking of going will prob be time to think of another baby by the time we do!

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Re: Thinking of Planning a BIG Trip

  • That sounds like so much fun! I don't think it's too much to ask of the IL's, esp if you ask them so far in advance. Are they retired or would they have to take vacation time to come down? I know my parents would love to watch Maddie for a week, in fact as soon as she's old enough I plan on sending her down to their house for a week of camp Stick out tongue.
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  • I feel your pain!  I have NO idea how we would go out of town w/o the baby! 

    Another option - could you drive to the IL's and drop him off?  They'd be in the comfort of their own home watching him, and if you drove you could pack tons of toys and such.  Then fly to MX from there, and fly back, then drive back.

    I'd probably prefer than, because the IL's aren't familiar w/ the area we live in nor are they familiar w/ our house, so I'd think it would be easier on them for us to come to them.

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  • That is very exciting!! DH and I hope to do something like this someday, but not sure when. Probably when the baby is a little older though - b/c we'll likely be able to afford something more extravagent.

    I would *think* that they would come to stay at your place ... and I'm sure they know that? IDK, doesn't hurt to ask when it's relevant!

  • I don't think it's too much to ask esp if they've shown interest in wanting to take care of him b/f.  I think both sets of our parents would want to do something similar.  Our families are only 3 hours away though so I figured they'd take care of the baby at their own houses (they'll want to show her off to their friends, etc.)  But if they're willing to take care of him, then go for it.  That's what grandparents are for, right?

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