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New to this and need advice...

I started spotting (brown) on Sunday evening this week and called my doctor. She said to call in the AM for an ultrasound. So on Monday I went in for an ultrasound...thought I should be in my 7th week but I do have longer cycles...ultrasound showed a sac with yolk measuring 5 1/2 weeks. Also got an HCG drawn and it was 3628. Continued to have spotting until this AM when I went in for another STAT HCG since it is the holiday and it only came back 4472. They told me just to wait till Monday for my appt when I'll get another ultrasound and HCG. I stopped spotting and still have breast tenderness. I am scared. Waiting is going to be horrible. Any advice to get me through the next days ahead.

Hope you all have a great New Year filled with lots of sticky dust!

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Re: New to this and need advice...

  • I'm sorry! I had to wait a week between u/s as well (they never drew my levels) but in our case we saw the hb on the first u/s and then it wasn't there on the 2nd so it was a pretty clear decision once we reached that point. I really hope everything's ok and that you're worried for nothing but remember we're all here to support you. :;hugs and gl::
  • I had to wait a week too and with me they never drew my levels either.  I had the same exp as Anna&Matt, hb one u/s and none on the 2nd .  This board is amazing for support.  Just take it one day at a time, take it real easy and try not to get too down or worried.  good luck sweety!
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