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Ready for saucer/jumper?

How do you know when they are ready for the exersaucer or jumper?  What signs are we looking for?
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Re: Ready for saucer/jumper?

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    Head control/neck strength would be number one on my list. I think we started putting the twins in theirs around 4-5 months, and still put blankets behind them to help prop them up a little.

    We were just visiting with some friends last night that have a 3ish month old. His neck is super strong, so he can handle sitting in there without flopping (for lack of a better word) forward, but he still hated it.. he just doesn't have the attention span for it, I think, and wanted to be with us. 

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    DD was in a saucer at school around 4 months. They did stuff the seat a little so she could sit upright.  She's now a maniac in that thing at a little over 5 months without any stuffing.  Head control is the biggest part of it to me. 
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    DS got a saucer for Christmas from my ILs, and he's still a bit young for it.  His head control is great, but he's still not quite able to touch his feet to the bottom and got really annoyed after about 3 minutes.  We'll try again when we come home next week!
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