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Natural Birth supportive OB at Holy Cross?

Hi DC bumpies-

I'm shopping for OBs and could really use some advice.  I'm looking for an OB that delivers at Holy Cross and is reasonably supportive of and open to natural birth and working with a doula (I want to use a doula from By Your Side).  Was thinking of Capital Women's Care and am meeting Dr. Berger-Weiss for a consultation there in a few weeks.  I realize with CWC you get a rotation of OBs and the one delivering your baby is the one who happens to be on call that day/night.  Does anyone have experience with CWC and natural birth/doulas?  Or does anyone have an alternate recommendation for OB?

Thanks very much in advance for the guidance and opinions!

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Re: Natural Birth supportive OB at Holy Cross?

  • I use CWC in Silver Spring - Dr. Randy Lizardo delivered DD but I liked all the OBs I met.  They were all very supportive of my want to go natural but unfortunately DD didn't want to cooperate so I had to be induced a week and a half after my due date.  Another thing about CWC, all the nurses/staff were really nice and helpful.  Good luck!!
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