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TTGP Food/Exercise Daily Checkin

Hey @sweettea42 @ALHickok1 @cakebatter27 @GhostMonkey @mana8502 @samantha1477 @MrsMac613 @Str31 Staceyw906 @jessa8907 @MauiBliss @mac7788 @Bazi45 ! So after the discussion yesterday on this post it looks like we are moving over here. This is a motivation post for girls that are TTGP that want to lose/maintain their weight/eat healthier.

B: scrambled egg whites with avocado and cayenne pepper
L: spicy salmon sushi
D: "lasagna" stuffed spaghetti squash boats
S: one too many left over Halloween candies and baked ruffle chips (snakes are obviously my downfall)
E: 40 minutes on the elliptical

Hope you're having a great day!

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Re: TTGP Food/Exercise Daily Checkin

  • Yesterday

    1. Jimmy Dean breakfast delights bowl

    2. chicken and shrimp teriyaki

    3. I had a chicken sandwhich from KFC for dinner and I now feel guilty about it after reading what you all ate lol

    also 2 pieces of halloween candy (my boss puts some out everyday and its killing me)


    3 16.9 oz bottles of water

    30 minutes of walking with my dogs


  • I was off all day yesterday!


    Hoagie loaded with veggies- 800

    3 Oreos- 200

    Hot Chocolate- 300

    Total- 1400 cals

    Jogged dogs 3 miles- 500 cals


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  • MauiBliss said:
    Bazi45 said:
    Would be interested to know if any of you TTGP ladies are cutting out all the foods on the "Avoid if Pregnant" list?  I've cut back on wine, reduced caffeine, and I'm avoiding sushi and anything raw.  But still eating deli meats.  I cut it all out when we first started TTC, but now whenever I get my period, that wine bottle gets popped   :D
    Nope. I don't drink caffeine anyway but I am still eating and drinking pretty much as I please. I love sushi and the fattier fish like Ahi and if I get pregnant, I won't be able to eat it so why deprive myself now? I can only speak for myself, but I'll be in the "drink til it's pink" camp. We aren't starting for another 10 days.
    I'm doing the same thing. I'm changing my eating habits a little bit, and but am still eating sushi (obviously, considering I ate it the last 2 days), soft cheeses, and drinking wine. Those will all be greatly missed.
    Married 5/12/12
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