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Wow! You all actually want me around? Here I thought that with all the gtfos and fluck offs that I wasnt welcome so I deleted. I'm not a fan of hanging chads of negativity about myself irl or otherwise...BUT THEN I was asked back hence the new name but I couldn't participate for a couple days due to bump rules about having to wait to post after joining. And now here I am. Snaps to whoever found me literally 10 minutes after changing my name but couldn't post yet...you're a super sleuth!

I think at some point someone asked me if I even have kids ?!? Yes. I have two. I have a 21 month old and a 3.5 month old. I cloth diaper two which is a shitton (literally) of laundry and I feel like I drown in laundry sometimes....hmmm what else...my second was a vbac..I go back to work on thursday and the apprehension is killing me. Thankfully I love my job but will miss my boys.

I lurk..a lot. Dear j13, i submit. I can't quit you. I promise I wont talk about cleaning lol. Fwiw, my house is a mess right now.

Here are my loves...

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