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will dd walk soon?

dd is 13 months today. she used to only stand on the bed by herself, but this week she has been standing up on her own on the floor! sometimes she'll take 1 step or 2 and either fall or get back down and crawl. sometimes i feel like she can walk, but she's just scared. just wondering if your LOs have done this too and how soon they started full on walking after that. i know every child is different, but i just want an idea, that's all :) thanks guys!
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Re: will dd walk soon?

  • My son was holding on to things walking around the room furniture to furniture at 10 months and started walking the day after he turned 1.
  • DS started walking around holding onto the couch and stuff around 7 months, and is now taking steps and will walk around the living room, kitchen etc. He's 10 1/2 months now, and i have a feeling he'll be full walking soon.
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  • Probably but "soon" is a pretty general. DD has been standing and cruising on furniture for about 2 months and just took two little baby steps on her own today at 10.5 months, I think she might be walking around her birthday.
  • My baby is 11 months old.. turning one in a couple days. is not walking. I wouldn't be too worried. Maybe soon!! :D
  • DS is 14 months and still not walking. Every child is different and will do it when LO is confident enough.  
  • Walking happened rather fast for us, once he started standing by himself it was only a week or so before he started taking steps and lunging toward you, then another week he's walking across the room. He's practically a champ and he hasn't even been walking for a month yet. He's also a very strong, sturdy baby, I don't know if that makes a difference.
    It sounds like your LO is just about ready to walk!
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