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Meal plans

What's everyone got planned for this week?

So far I'm thinking homemade pizza, fajitas and maybe chili.
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Re: Meal plans

  • Potato soup, Parmesan tilapia, tacos, I can't remember the rest.

    Emilia Antoinette
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  • I'm going over my grocery list tomorrow because Tuesday is shopping day.  I'll be stalking this. So far I only have a week planned out.
    chicken leg quarters in an iron skillet, zuchinni and rice
    possibly trying my hand at Stromboli
    stir fry and grilled chicken
    a cabbage soup.  The last one turned out AMAZING and i think I want to try sausage in it this time.
    I might do a baked spahetti too...

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  • You mean to say that I have to feed them AGAIN this week?
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    Kissty[Deleted User]
  • Monday-Turkey Clubs with soup
    Tuesday- Grilled buffalo chicken with grilled potatoes
    Weds- Grilled chicken salad (with the leftover grilled chicken) 
    Thursday- Crockpot mexican chicken
    Friday- Eat out
    Sat Turkey burgers and homemade fries

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  • Oops, there are two of these threads because @Tonir319 are great minds thinking alike.   :P
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