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Baby/Family Photographer needed

I'm looking for a photographer to do some 6 month portraits of our twin girls and our 3 year old son.  We had used a photographer for my son's 6 month and 1 year portraits that I found via the bump, but I don't know if they are in business anymore - so sad, because the photos were amazing.  Ideally, I'd like someone who is willing to come to our home (just easier with the little munchkins) - we are in Morris county.  Thanks for your help!!

Re: Baby/Family Photographer needed

  • My 2 SIL's, and I used this one:

    She's incredibly sweet and does a great job, plus she'll travel as needed. I live in Morris county too.

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  • I like Ryan Sands photography.... He did my engagement photos and wedding last summer, and did a fantastic job.  He is in Hunterdon county... only about 40 minutes from Morristown, not sure where exactly you are, so I don't know if that would be too far or not, but worth checking into.
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  • look at the Bump's Photographers, they have alot of really good ones. this link is for all the ones that they recommend in NJ:

  • A really good friend of mine (former bridesmaid in my wedding) did our maternity, newborn, and 6 month photos.  We love her and she is so sweet, she does an amazing job!  She is in Somerset County, so she is right next door :)  I would highly recommend her!
  • I am in Morris County also and used Hey Baby Photography for our LOs newborn pics. Her name was Stacey Dibello. She came to our home and was fantastic. LO was a little uncooperative at first and she was patient and worked with him and we got fabulous pics! She has a FB page under business name. We had a CD of all the pics in the mail two days after she was at our home. She edits a lot of the pics and if u like a pic she didn't edit you can send back to her and she will edit and email it back to you!
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  • check out Mother Hubbard on Google or Facebook. I'm going to use her. two of my friends have And pics are amazing.
  • ESP STUDIO are now specializing in newborn and baby/children portraits. They will come to your home and take amazing shots. They are super baby friendly!
  • Hello There,

    Diego Molina Photography he is an amazing photographer for Norther NJ and NYC. Here is his link and you can also check his work on pinterest! The prices are available online.

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