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How does the board feel about the name Hope? And what MN suggestions do you have? DH came to me with a list that consisted of Hope, Aubrey, Kelsey, and Lauren. We are also considering a few others and a family name of Kennedy. So nothing set in stone. We have an Emmalyn now.

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Re: Hope

  • I like Lauren Kennedy. Don't care for the name Hope..
  • I think the name Hope is very pretty. We have a Hope next door to us (college age) & the 1st thing I thought when I met her was how nice & also underutilized that name is. 

    I will leave the middle name question to others; I'm not great at that! My son has my maiden name as his middle name. ;)
  • @sassy1 Kennedy is MIL's maiden name :) That's why we are thinking of it. It was his pop's LN and he passed away and was a huge part of his life.

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  • Oh, I see! You know, I misunderstood when I read your post & thought Kennedy was your last name.  I do like meaning behind a name (my son's FN is my grandfather's MN) so I certainly can understand why you're thinking about it.  I still dig Hope, though! :)
  • Hope is nice. Lauren is my favorite from that list. I think either name works with Kennedy. We used DH's great grandfather's last name for our LO's MN. Love it!
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  • I really like Hope.
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  • DH loves the name Hope! It's personally NMS as far as using it for my own children, but I think it's nice on others! I do like Lauren Hope though.
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  • Hope Adalyn

    Hope Wendy

    Hope Susan

    Hope Allison

    Hope Francine
  • Just wanted to say that I like Hope. I have no MN suggestions for you though.
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  • I really like Hope and because it is a simpler name, I would go with a longer MN~

    Hope Cordelia
    Hope Audrey
    Hope Amelia
    Hope Samantha
    Hope Victoria
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  • Love it. This is my daughters mn
  • Hope is NMS, but I like virtue names a lot, and I think the meaning of the name is nice. I don't even remember the last time I met a child named Hope.

    Hope Kennedy would be cute.

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