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AW your kiddos' costume here

I don't think we did this yet? Let's see those cuties in costume!
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D: Born 7.14.11
Baby #2: BFP 9.19.12, EDD 5.24.13, natural m/c 10.19.13 at 9w
O: Born 3.2.14 (med-free!)

Re: AW your kiddos' costume here

  • Squeeeee these are so cute!!!
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    MFM Appointment 10/17 - Cervix unchanged! Keeping me on Progesterone - followup 10/29

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  • They look so weird with no snow suits underneath..
    It's raining but unusually warm here today.
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    D: Born 7.14.11
    Baby #2: BFP 9.19.12, EDD 5.24.13, natural m/c 10.19.13 at 9w
    O: Born 3.2.14 (med-free!)
  • cuties!
    March Siggy Challenge .. What I miss the most during pregnancy

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  • Buncha cuties
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  • My minnie and daisy (even though you can't see daisy's super cute I got of them both together :P )

    that's a lot of pumpkins!


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  • Awe everyone looks great!
  • My DD is growing up too fast!!
    Lollirot[Deleted User]
  • My little witch, rainbow fairy! All of there face paint got washed off in the rain.
    Assilemmm09ceh789[Deleted User]Momstheword83
  • SamJusticeSamJustice
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    DS tried this on at Party City. He threw the mother of all tantrums when I tried to take it off. We ended up leaving the store, and running the rest of our errands for the day, with him dressed as Spiderman. We bought this a week ago, and he has spent more time in this than anything else. And yes, mask included. We don't even go Trick or Treating until November 3! This is us in the middle of Kmart.


    (Trying to edit it until I can get the picture to work right >_<)
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  • Tardy to the party but here's my little vampire!


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    katykatykatyMomstheword83[Deleted User]laurendom
  • DS was Thomas.  The costume made it for one cul-de-sac!

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  • edited November 2013
    a "punkin" by request

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    [Deleted User]laurendomring_pop
  • These are all adorable!!!! I wish I had a picture of my little Finding Nemo, however he refused to wear his costume.... so he was a 'poor college student'. Since he was wearing a cute preppy knitted sweatshirt... Improvise!
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  • A little pumpkin will b there next year!!!
    [Deleted User]
  • BabyVDM said:
    My minnie and daisy (even though you can't see daisy's super cute I got of them both together :P )

    that's a lot of pumpkins!
    We have a pumpkin farm, LOL!!!
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  • And yes, pumpkin is spelled wrong on his pumpkin.... I'm calling pregnancy brain!
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