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Being sick while pregnant(vent)

Hi ladies,

I just needed to Vent a little. I'm on day 4 of a terrible cold. Thought I was through the worst of it the other day (sore throat etc) but the congrated nose is going to kill me! I've been off work for 2 days. Went in today cause i was feeling better and ended going home at noon for an afternoon nap because I keep getting up every hour to blow my nose at night. I'm feeling pretty good except for the fact that I CAN'T BREATHE! And there is nothing I can really do about it except snort salt water and take a shower. Hot lemon with a little sugar seems to help a bit.

My DH has the same cold, has taken some Advil cold and sinus and slept the night away last night breathing through his nose ! I was so jealous and somewhat angry (thank you hormones) .

Anyhoo just wanted to vent and I'm sure it'll go away soon but jeezzz...not being able to take cold meds makes for a lousy few days.

Thanks for lending an ear. Any tips or advice on how to deal are welcome.

Re: Being sick while pregnant(vent)

  • Thank you!
  • I'm with you. I'm on my second cold in 3 weeks. It's knocking me out. I second the humidifier and I've also been taking robitussin dm. Feel better soon!
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  • Do you ladies mean humidifiers with warm or cool air? I looked up a few and most of them were cool mist types? Do the cool mist ones work as well? I seem to remember ( from when I was little) that it was warm mist.

  • We have a warm mist. I'm pretty sure they can be found in any drug store or walmart/ target stores.
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  • I have a cool mist and its great! I have read that by the time he mist actually reaches your lungs it's he same temperature regardless of warm or cool mist. They recommend cool mist for kids so they don't burn themselves on steam.

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  • If it make you feel any better, I'm in the same boat and I feel your pain! I've had this cold since last Monday and I'm still SO congested. I haven't been able to breath out of my left nostril hardly at all today! And Sudafed SUCKS! I need some NyQuil!! I'm sure the humidifier helps a lot, as other ladies have mentioned, but mine is pretty noisy and it make it hard for me to fall asleep. Ugh I'm just doomed.
    Hope you feel better soon!
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  • Sudafed is safe to take. As well as benadryl and clariton. Might get some relief from that. It kills me not to take Advil the whole pregnancy. Tylenol doesn't do squat. Crane humidifiers are the best if you go that route.
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  • Thanks all and good luck to others who have this cold !
  • Ugh, I'm on day 3 of a cold and miserable! I took yesterday off as it was the worst, throat on fire and couldn't hardly swallow or talk. Today is some better but night time is the worst!! As DH lies snoring peacefully beside me, sigh. Good luck to us all for a good night's rest!

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  • Tomorow will be day 7 for me! I never get sick, so I'm being a big baby about it. No husband right now to help me with our girls (we are military) everyday has been a new and exciting symptom. My girls are feeling better thank god but that just means I have two very energetic kids to look after while I'm recovering. Blahhhh
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