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So this is definitely a new one for me

As I reached above the refrigerator to put granola bars in our snack bowl, I felt me stomach getting cold??? Oh it's not just cold, but wet too! Apparently, I'm round enough to push in our water lever on the fridge with my tummy!! Talk about surprise????? Happy Halloween everyone!!
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Re: So this is definitely a new one for me

  • Seriously... laughing at my desk here.  Just one more bonus to our water being on the INSIDE of our fridge.


  • LOL...the closest I have had happen is knocking over my bottle of water when I got up from my desk and having it spill all in my lap and on my work.  Will I ever get used to my bump protrusion?
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  • Yeah....I was putting some water in a hot pan the other day to cool it off and I accidentally dumped it towards hot water all over my baby belly! Sometimes these babies stick out more than you're expecting!

  • Hahahahaha

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  • Lately I keep pushing my keyboard tray in on my desk when I lean forward to type. The water dispenser is hilarious though.

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  • Couldn't fit between 2 parked cars at Target....
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  • Oh, that makes me laugh because I keep doing silly things like that as well.  Brushing up against things, DH brushing up against the belly, having to walk around the other side of the garage because I cannot fit between my car and the garbage cans now without hitting one or both! 

    Amazing how much I have popped out in the past few weeks!

  • Couldn't fit between 2 parked cars at Target....
    I had to take my dh's car last week, because I drive an expedition and I knew the parking spots downtown where small, and I wouldn't be able to get out!
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