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Travel with baby - help!

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DD is supposed to be a flower girl in a family wedding when this baby is 2 months old. The issue is the wedding is a 12+ hour drive not including stops.
I feel obligated to go but I'm nervous about traveling with a 2 month old and a 3 year old. What would you do?

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Re: Travel with baby - help!

  • we traveled 9 hours with DS for thanksgiving when he was 7 or 8 weeks old and it was fine. Sometimes I would nurse him at stops but he took 45 minutes to eat so most of the time I just pumped and gave him a bottle.

    If yo are planning on pumping make sure you get the car adapter (PISA) has one that plugs into the cigarette lighter.

    Also, with such a long drive you may want to plan to split it into 2 days (if you have the time), leave in the evening and drive as far as you can while the LO's sleep then get up in the early AM and drive the rest of the way.

    How long after your EDD is the wedding? Did you go early last time or do you expect to go early for any reason?
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  • I say go. I'm only assuming here - but it seems like these people must be pretty close to you if your daughter is supposed to be a flower girl in their wedding?

    Honestly I'd be more nervous about the 3yo than the 2mo. Just thinking of my experience doing a road trip with my 2yo and keeping him entertained and happy.
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  • Thanks Yankee Peach.
    I'm due 9 weeks before. I have no reason to think this one will come early.
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  • I'm with ringpop. 3yo is going to be a lot less fun than the 2mo.
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  • @ring_pop I think I'm afraid of the combo. DD is a good traveler but add a possibility loud and not sleeping 2 month old in the mix and I start to get scared.
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  • Is there any way you could fly? Is anybody (SO?) coming with you? I think support would be awesome if it's feasible. 

    We are going to a wedding in Texas on April 12 (due date march 5). We're flying from Las Vegas. DH is coming with, but if he wasn't able to go my mom would have come with. Not that it's a manageable drive, but everyone told me flying is easier than driving because you can feed them etc without having to stop. 
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  • I would say fly if you can, otherwise, 12 hours is a loooong drive with a baby and a toddler.
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  • As long as you have help, go. We drove across the country with a 3 month old and it was, for the most part, a pretty pleasant trip. I would suggest breaking the drive into two days, more for the 3yo's sake because entertaining them in the car for that long is torture (we did 15hrs with my two last year at 15 months and 2.5yo, stopped overnight and lots of "get out and run in circles to wear yourself out" stops). The baby will likely sleep a lot in the car, so I think your biggest challenge with the baby will be making sure you can stop and feed when you need to.
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  • Plan ahead and make a fun vacation out of it! Plan to stop a few times to rest, feed, pee etc. Maybe even hit up a hotel one night and drive the rest of the way the next day! Make it fun!
  • My sister is graduating from college in mid-may, and we'll be flying to MN with the baby, who should be about 1 1/2 months old. It's about a seven hour drive, and the flight will be super quick, which is why we've decided flying would be better. It's an occasion I wouldn't miss, unless there is some random medical reason we can't go. 
  • I travel between Florida and New Jersey all of the time and have taken my boys starting at 3months for the little one and 3 for my older one. It takes longer but omg portable DVD player saved our trip a few times! I would say go but leave early so it's not such a rush!

  • I vote go :) By that time I think you'll be more than ready for a nice little trip anywhere outside of your home lol.   And I think others' suggestion of pumping is a great idea.....saves stop time! 

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