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Halloween vent....

Ok so this is probably just hormones but I officially hate this Halloween. It's 60 out this yea and raining a warm rain but the rescheduled trick or treating to Sunday? Not fun. Then I find out my child has no school for over half the week next week... I work all day and so does my husband and my sitter works her other job all but one of those days. Way to go and ruin my Halloween.

Re: Halloween vent....

  • I hate Halloween every year, but I see where you went with that.  Sounds like a crappy upcoming week.  Hope you're able to find someone to watch your kiddo!

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  • I just don't understand rescheduling Halloween.  I get that TOT-ing in crappy weather sucks, but we always just grabbed an umbrella and made do.  Is this a new phenomenon?
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  • Oh that blows. It is my least favorite holiday, so I feel your pain!
    I just saw TOTers across the street and just shut my blinds. I feel like the mean lady on the street, but I didn't get candy bc I didn't plan on bring home. Boo to me.

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  • I am with you @sunflowersbride ! I would say at least half of my halloweens growing up I had my puffy winter coat on underneath my costume, and it was usually raining or snowing...but we still went out that night to trick or treat! I don't understand the rescheduling.

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