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Had my 3rd u/s and may be hyperthyroid

Hi all!

I just got back from my 3rd u/s; I have one every 2 weeks to check on baby. Baby looked good and growth was exactly matching my dates of 10 weeks 4 days. Heart rate was exactly like last appt at 168 and I was a little disappointed to not see any movement as baby was sleeping away the whole time. After the u/s I had my consult with my Dr and my TSH is low at only 0.14 and then I had to go get a full thyroid work up done and am now concerned about what the implications could be for my baby. Does anyone have any experience with this issue and had it resolved quickly or a good outcome?

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Re: Had my 3rd u/s and may be hyperthyroid

  • I don't have any experience with thyroid issues, but I wanted to say YAY for a good u/s and we have the same Due Date!  I saw my bean yesterday and it didn't move either.  I mentioned that it must be sleepy.  The u/s tech said it's rare to see them move at that age. She said you might see a twitch every now and then. 
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  • I am hyperthyroid and have been for 8 years. There is one medication safe for pregnancy. It is ptu. Propyrthroucil. It is a class c or d drug, but your options without it aren't as safe. High t3 can cause miscarriages. Which is one of the reason for my last miscarriage I believe. I am having my tsh, t3 and t4 tested every 3 weeks during the first 15 weeks and then once a month there after. My endo has said he has seen lots of women who are pregnant have full term healthy babies. I have one of those babies. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me.
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