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UPDATE: LO's has dilated kidneys

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First off, let me thank you all for your T&Ps!! Secondly, today I went back for my follow up ultrasound and LO's kidneys (and everything else) look great!! I thought it was going to be a 3D u/a but turns out it was just a regular one but just much more extensive. The entire anatomy scan was redone and it was more detailed this time. The tech measured EVERYTHING and was very thorough. Right when she measured the kidneys she said they were normal, which is great news! Everything looked good and she's weighing in at 1lb 2 oz! So happy! Thanks again ladies!!
For those of you that read my gender reveal post from the other day, you already know this.  But for those of you that didn't read it, I wanted to make a separate post with this title so that hopefully more people will come forward.
I went in for my a/s on Tuesday, found out we've having a girl, and that all is well besides her kidneys being slightly dilated. I was told this was very common and almost always corrects itself before birth.  
Yesterday my OB's office called me and I scheduled a 3D ultrasound in two weeks with a specialist.  Obviously, I can't help but be worried though, even despite being told this isn't life threatening and that it's very common.  Especially when I heard my appointment is scheduled with a perinatologist.  Is anyone familiar with this (dilated kidneys)?  Having or had a similar experience?  The nurse that called me to schedule the appointment said that if, for some reason it doesn't correct itself before birth, then the baby will be referred to a pediatric kidney specialist...OK, then what?  TIA!
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Re: UPDATE: LO's has dilated kidneys

  • DS had this, it's more common in boys though we didn't know what he was at the time.  It resolved on it's on and he hasn't had any issues.  
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  • My oldest son had this however he was induced 2 months early (not related to his kidneys). It resolved on its own but he was followed by a kidney specialist in the nicu. He's 10 now and has no issues.

  • My baby girl is having the same issue. Please try not to stress until the doctor tells you to! I was told that if it doesn't correct that it could mean surgery. But that 99% of the time there is nothing to worry about. The doctor said either my DH or myself could have had the same issue therefore changing the variation of what is normal for our baby. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks to resolve itself. I will be going back for my scan on December 4th. Prayers for you and baby!
  • Cmmo14 said:

    We have the same problem, however I want to point out that in our case it seems to be genetic and please do not fear the same outcome as us, as it's so very rare. Like PP said this is really common (more in boys than in girls) and in most cases it resolve it self before delivery, or a few months after without any complication. By any chance do you know how much the dilation of the kidneys is? is it less than 10 mm? is it both? If you want to contact me directly I have a lot of information. As I said before, DS lost the function of his kidney in utero, and LO2 seems to be headed the same route. Again, I will like to point out that this is not your case at all, but after one instance we did work with lots of specialist and did lots of research of all the possible outcomes.

    Prayers for you and yours!
  • I don't have any advice, but just wanted to tell you that you and your little one are in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • Thanks ladies!  I really appreciated your T&Ps and feedback!  This is all new to me--DS never had any issues and I never had any worries (thank God).  I'm trying to be positive about it since I'm at least getting two extra ultrasounds from it whereas normally I wouldn't have another... 

    @Cmmo14, I'm not sure how dilated they are (it's both kidneys) but she said slightly so I'm assuming it's between 4.1-10mm.  I read online that 4mm (or under?) was normal.  I'm sure I'll get more information when I go in for my ultrasound (it's November 11).
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  • @kariB509 I know nothing about this but will def keep you and LO in my thoughts and prayers!!!
  • no advice, just giving T&P and hopefully it will resolve itself!!
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  • @Cmmo14, thanks again!  I just knew I'd find someone on this board with some knowledge and/or experience with this.  I posted someone similar on the second tri board and didn't get a whole lot of responses.  One was actually awful--she was saying how her mom had to have a kidney removed, etc, etc.  Didn't ease my mind at all!  I've tried my best to stay away from Dr. Google too!  I actually couldn't find a whole lot of information on there anyway--not from valid sources that is.  A lot of what I find says it's a soft marker for Downs Syndrome but I know that's not the case so I don't even want to read about and make myself worry unnecessarily!  
    Anyway, thanks again for your knowledge on the topic.  T&Ps for your LO and DS as well!!
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  • I am in the same boat. At my a/s two weeks ago, baby's kidney's were dilated 4mm, which is right outside the normal range. My doctor said not too worry; it will probably correct itself, but did say that it was a marker for down's, but that I had no other markers, the genetic testing at 13 weeks showed nothing, etc. He said if it was his child he would not worry. I did go to the hospital today to high-risk obstetrics and had another ultra sound and kidneys are the same; the doctor there said again not to worry, this is normal, it takes awhile to correct itself and they will do another ultrasound at 28 weeks to monitor it. I did see the genetic counselor today as well and did a cell-free fetal dna test (just a blood draw) that is supposed to be 99% accurate in determining down's. I won't know the results for two weeks. My odds were not particularly high for it (1/900), but I wanted to do it for peace of mind. From what I've read online, it seems like many people experience this and in most cases, it resolves itself or requires minimal monitoring after baby is born.  

  • I'm so glad you posted this. I usually just lurk on the board, but was going to post regarding mild kidney enlargement and then I ran upon your post. We found out at our A/S Thursday that LO's kidneys are mildly enlarged at 6mm each. We were told it was likely fine and would resolve later in the pregnancy and we are having a repeat U/S to check at 28 weeks. Though it seems most of the time it resolves on its own from research studies I read and from what OPs have said, I still can't help but worry. I just want LO to be healthy. Good news is that everything else looked okay on our A/S, with baby even measuring a little big at 12 oz. We are team green, but everyone thinks this baby is a boy, so they may be right since this is more common in boys. Guess we will find out in March. Hopefully both of our babies grow out of this and are healthy!
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