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Do I have a leg to stand on? (Flu shot... again)

Sorry to be bringing up the dreaded flu shot topic again.

My MIL and FIL never get the flu shot. They're stubborn as mules, and don't want to get them this year, either. LO will be getting his in December (at his 6 month appointment), and I'll be getting mine this month. If we're both getting ours, can I still guilt them into getting theirs? I think they're going to argue that since he's getting one, he's protected.

Give me some ammo, ladies!

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Re: Do I have a leg to stand on? (Flu shot... again)

  • Unfortunately, I don't think you can make anyone do anything.  All you can do it tell them that their time with the baby will be limited until he receives his shot.
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  • You're the parent- you make the rules. It sucks telling grandparents they can't see a baby, but babies need to be protected!
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  • The flu shot doesn't protect you from every strain of the flu. Only the most common few of that particular season. With this in mind, it would still be possible to get the flu and give the flu. Not too likely, but possible. Maybe you could use that??
  • Thanks, guys. I think my strategy will be to get DH to talk to them about it. Their two other children (DH's sisters) are in medical professions, so I'm hoping they'll back me up! If they don't budge, we might have to limit contact with them until he gets his own shot.

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