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Need help with Kawaii P&N issue...

Hey ladies- My daughter is just over 4 months old & uses Kawaii P&N's. I change her ever 2-3 hours, but recently she is completely soaking through them before the 2 hour mark! I tried using an extra microfiber insert, but it is too bulky. I also tried a prefold, but the leg gussets sit away from my daughters thighs. What can I add, or replace, with the microfiber insert?

Re: Need help with Kawaii P&N issue...

  • If you switch to bamboo inserts, you can use two inserts without adding as much bulk.  The newborn size Alva fit really well into the P&Ns.  You can make the regular sized ones work with a little manuvering, but I think I used to only use one so I'm not sure if two would fit.  Or you could even just put one newborn bamboo in with one MF and see how that works.

  • Hemp inserts are fairly thin. Your LO may also be big enough now to start using OS diapers.


  • We used either alva or kawaii bamboo with our PnNs. You can double stuff, and it will be less bulky than even the one microfiber.

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  • there's no way to have a super thin CD.  doubling up, even with thin inserts, will still add some bulk
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  • I use the Alva NB size blend inserts in mine.
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  • Thank you for the responses, ladies! Very helpful :)
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