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Really frustrated!

Hi ladies, I'm new here so I hope I post this correctly. I thought I'd introduce myself.
I'm 22, married and have been TTC for a year. I have PCOS but I do ovulate on my own albeit erratically. We've done 2 Clomid cycles, and up until recently I was on Metformin to manage my PCOS but my RE took me off it due to digestive disruptions. My husband's sperm analysis came back perfect, and all my tests came back within healthy range too. Apart from insulin resistance due to PCOS.

I don't really have a question just wanted to say how much this whole process is wearing me down. I'm exhausted, and am so sick of negative tests and no doctor being able to help us..

Re: Really frustrated!

  • Definitely frustrating! I wish you the best!
    TTC since May 2012
    Me: 32 H: 31
    DX: MFI-Very Low Count, I have Hashimotos.
    IVF prep September 2013 cancelled due to Ovarian Cyst
    IVF #1 October 2013 Antagonistic Protocol with ICSI  ER 10/31/13 (18R 16M 11F- 6 blasts to freeze)
    ET delayed due to OHSS 
    FET scheduled for July 8. Delayed due to a crazy high TSH (it had been under control for YEARS!)
    FET #1 8/5/14 sET BFN 

    All welcome!
  • Ok I'll try another board. Thanks. I just thought I'd try this once because my doctor classed us as unexplained infertility. Sorry, how do I delete this post?
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  • @AH2014 hugs to you! I hope your stay here is a short one and you get your BFP soon!
    *** Siggy/Ticker Warning *****
    TTC June 2011 ///  RE Jan 2013  /// DX: DH (30) - low morph, Me (30) - irregular ovulation 
    Clomid cycle March 2013 - BFN /// IUI #1 April 2013 - BFN /// IUI #2 June 2013 - BFN 
    IVF w/ICSI- Oct 2013 - ER Oct. 15 (10 mature, 6 fertilized)
    ET  Oct. 27 2013 - BFN
    FET #1 Feb. 21 2014 - BFN 
    FET #2 Jun. 5 2014 - BFP! Beta #1: 253, Beta #2: 628, u/s revealed singleton w/116 bpm! EDD 2/23/15

    image image

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