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winter jacket....

I have been on a massive hunt for a winter jacket these last few days. I checked everywhere online, Craigslist, a local garage sale group on Facebook and nothing. Well nothing for cheap. I don't wanna spend $80 on a jacket I'll wear this winter and that's it. Until...Walmart. yup has one for $21. The reviews are pretty good, the biggest complaint is that it won't fit when you're full term cuz they don't leave that much room to grow. But for us, needing it only till Iike 5 months, it'll be good. Soooo if anyone else is looking here ya go :) I only have the mobile link, sorry!;jsessionid=481E2B174A096DA2BED20F4693FBD380#ip/Faded-Glory-Maternity-Hooded-Puffer-Coat/24498089?type=search
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Re: winter jacket....

  • I had my son on June 16 and I was able to wear my regular winter coat all winter, except I couldn't button it. And being pregnant made me so much warmer that it wasn't an issue. I do think I stretched my coat out a little, and I ended up buying a new one the following winter. I am hoping I can get away with it again. But I might have to check that coat out - that is a good deal!
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  • I hope I can button up my pea coat and other jackets all winter. If not, I will head to walmart!



  • Ya my current winter coat is fitted and snug right now...and obviously I'm not showing at all yet so there's no way it'll fit come January/February. Plus I'll be outside with DS so I'll need something for our MN deep freeze ;)
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  • Oh yeah, bundle up!



  • I plan on just letting my belly poke through and only buttoning up the top. I was one of the lucky girls...Not,  that's completely flat chested and it doesn't change even being pregnant. I did notice last time that my rib cage felt like it expanded and my arms got fat so we will see if that effects what I can wear this time around.

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  • Thanks I was already worried about this.
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  • I just layered my sweaters and left my jacket open with DS. I was never cold, but that's a pretty good bargain!
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  • Thank you so much for this!! I'm totally getting it! Connecticut is FREEZING!

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  • I'm just going to keep wearing my Northface. I'll be spending enough money on this kid.


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