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Is anyone having cramp bloating symptoms?

I don't know if it is normal but I feel bloated and minor cramp pain all day long .. Not major pain though.. Is anyone else going through this?

Re: Is anyone having cramp bloating symptoms?

  • I keep having random cramps that I can feel even in my legs. Hoping it's normal! 

  • Yes I do too, it is normal!! I have been reading about it
  • I've noticed that they get a lot worse when I drink a lot of water and have to pee... 

  • Yes, this is normal.



  • I'm getting them too. Last night I was so bloated I was highly uncomfortable. My boobs are incredibly sore already.
  • I have been mild cramps/pressure pretty much all day (on and off).  This is normal as your uterus and ligaments are stretching and growing.

    I have some bloating and slight breast soreness (but not major)
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  • Very normal.  My RE's nurse said that tylenol is okay but not to take anything else.

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  • I've started having some dull cramps and that's normal but beware and don't be alarmed when you get a quick sharp pain down low when standing up quickly or changing positions too fast. They usually last a brief second but I had them commonly in my other pregnancies
  • Bloating.... check.
    Sharp cramps.... check.
    Annoying desire to express things as checklists*.....check.

    *Note: not an actual 1st tri pregnancy symptom.
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