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anyone else's lo give them "niplash"??

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When lo is feeding, he will suddenly jerk his head clear back off the boob but not before clamping down nice and hard so he about pulls my nipple off! He does it as he relaxes or sometimes as he falls asleep. This happen to anyone too? My dh called it niplash. I just curse a little. Lol

Edit: oh sorry! This was supposed to be on the O13 board!! But more on topic, I did just get a bunch of my cd's in the mail and am so excited to start using them soon as lo is getting big enough now. Anyway, hopefully this post made someone laugh. I don't know how to delete it altogether. :)

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Re: anyone else's lo give them "niplash"??

  • I know it's technically on the wrong board but I know what you're going through. My daughter used to do this all the time. It hurt like crazy. I never figured out a way to get her to stop it though. Sorry that I'm not much help
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  • Oh I just kind of laugh about it. Thanks though! Glad I wasn't only one! Sometimes he does it because a noise startles him and sometimes it just seems a knee jerk reaction. Such an aadventure. :)

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  • Nice save! =D>
    What? We're not allowed to talk about nipples on this board?  Crap.  There goes all my posts for the day...

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  • Yeah, bc staying on topic is important here lol. Although we seem to be more of a butthole board than a nipple board... No, it's just that we get "oops wrong board" posts a lot, and her ETA turned it around into a cd post. That is all.
    This made me literally LOL!

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  • This post was totally worth it just for my new favorite word, niplash.
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  • Our calves used to do this. The mama cow would just kick them under the chin.

    Lmao!! Know that this is not professional advice.
    Hahaha!! Totally cracked me up. And no, I wouldn't advise doing this either I think. Lol :)

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  • Mine does it too! That and pushing on the boob with his little fist so the nipple is half out of his mouth. OUCH.
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