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Cloth Diapers!

I  am a FTM and Im due March 2014. Im very interested in using cloth diapers but completely overwhelmed with all the

different brands and styles! Is there anybody on here that has suggestions of what brand/styles are good?

Thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions!

Re: Cloth Diapers!

  • I used them with DS1 5 years ago and now again with DS2. We have only used BumGenius and I love them!! There is also a cloth diaper board with a lot of great info.
  • I was in the same place as you a few months ago! Def lurk on the CB board you will learn a lot! Also YouTube cloth diaper 101 and obbsandlala. If you are looking for an inexpensive option I would rec Kawaii. Others a little more pricey that I have are Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Blueberry. Just a place to start...depends what style you are looking for!
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  • Definitely check out the cloth diaper board.  

    For newborn diapers, I love love love swaddlebees newborn simplex all in one (aio) and fuzzibunz perfect size XS or S.  Kussaluv and Green Mountain Diaper (GMD) fitteds and Thirties Duo covers size 1 are also awesome.

    I just started transitioning to one-size diapers.  I like pockets so I have Tots Bots (cute prints), Rumparooz G2 (also some cute prints), and BumGenius 4.0 (not as cute, don't like as much yet, but they're the best selling diaper out there so maybe I'll grow to like them).  

    A lot of people love prefolds and covers  and they are cheaper - they're just not my thing.

    Cloth diapering is awesome.  So glad I did it.  I'm a working mom with a 2 month old so don't let anyone tell you it's too much work. It's actually really simple and fun and good for your kid and the environment.
  • Just had my little on in Sept. and we started two weeks ago with Flip diapers by Bum them!!! 
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  • We use pockets and all in ones. I really like our AIO gro via diapers but they are expensive. Our pockets are a variety. So far we love using CD!
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  • I should also add that we are a month in and love it! We used sposies at first bc he was a preemie and didnt fit into cloth yet but now I would never go back! It's really not much extra work and I don't find it gross at all like people told me!
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  • I exclusively use Best Bottom diapers from
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  • Just had my little on in Sept. and we started two weeks ago with Flip diapers by Bum them!!! 
    Yes!! Love the flips!!
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  • There are several websites that offer a three week diaper trial, so you can see what fits your aby and what you are comfortable using.
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  • We use Kawaii pure and natural pockets for our LO, but they only fit til 22 lbs, so I also bought one sized diapers we haven't used yet. The Kawaiis were $5/ea incl shipping on an earth day sale.
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  • We used disposables until DS was big enough to fit into cloth.  Since then, we use Econobum.  I have a stash of 3 day packs, which cost $150 and is more than enough supply.  They're prefold and cover style, which I didn't think I'd like, but actually, I like them better than the bumGenius ones with inserts...  you don't always have to wash the whole cumbersome thing!  Plus, the price can't be beat!  I'd say you could get by with 2 day packs, but the 3rd gives us a little flexibility in case we don't get to laundry on a busy night.  Go cloth - you'll love it!
  • Everyone has such awesome responses, but I wanted to add this website; it helped me tremendously! 

    aside form the brands she is promoting (Jack Be Natural which isn't bad at all...) she really goes over all types of diapers, pros and cons, and how to care for them :) 
    Hope it helps you as much as it helped me!

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  • I like diaper covers like thirstiest duo and rumparooz because they fit, cheap, and they have some cute prints! Plus covers with prefolds I find are easy and cheap.
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