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Hello! I've posted here before, when people had questions about diaper services.

Well, we've just cancelled our service to help make up the cost difference with our new daycare. I bought my own prefolds and thought I was going to get away with only spending the $50 plus $40 for a sprayer since I already had covers. Well...the new daycare has never allowed cloth before so I get to be the guinea pig for their state licensing rep.

They need a new cover AND snappi!!! for every change. Today I had to leave work and go get more covers/snappis from home to take because he's teething went through them all in 1.5 hours.

I have 3 pocket diapers and I'm going to buy another big lot off Craigslist tonight and a few from someone on my BMB. So I should be golden. that I'm learning how to wash them myself and getting to branch out from pre-folds a little I'm sure I'll be around more for advice.


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  • Welcome!  Sorry about being the guinea pig for CDs at your DC. 

    We were at ours too.  Now there's two more little ones in CDs & one of the teachers keeps asking me questions about them in hopes that she can use them when she conceives! 


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  • CLLDLL! It does suck, but I'll get used to it.  I'll probably be an extra $200 into by the end, but that's still cheaper than sposies, especially since I can re-sell them.

    Our last daycare was much more flexible about it, but they weren't licensed so that's part of the reason. (Religious exempt...gotta love VA)

    That's great that you opened the door for other people. I don't know if that will be the case at ours. We pleaded sensitivity to sposies to get them to do it. I had to bring in my own step diaper pail so there's not a whole lot more room in their changing area for more pails, though I could get a smaller one, I suppose.
  • Welcome! We will be the guinea pigs at our new day care too. Although we use all aios for dc so it should be Easy. FX for both of us!
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  • Why do they need a new cover and snappi each time? That's crazy!
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    Why do they need a new cover and snappi each time? That's crazy!
    Presumably a sanitation concern. Pee on the cover and possibly on the snappi, I suppose. But, if they think I'm going home and sanitizing snappis every night they're crazy. And covers without poop on them just get aired out at night unless it's wash day.
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