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3D/4D Ultrasound Recs?

I've found a few companies - Clearview, Stork Vision, and one more, but wanted to ask the experts for advice.  I think we are going to do the 2-visit package for one in the next couple of weeks and one in the 3rd trimester.  Any recs?


Re: 3D/4D Ultrasound Recs?

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    My doctors offices machine had it on it so we got a few peeks at our 20 week U/S=) There's not a lot to see in the 3rd trimester BTW, make sure you get in early enough or they are really squished in there!
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    We're planning to go with Clearview. A friend used them and got great pictures. Plus, out of all the others, you seem to get the most for your money with them.
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    I did both pregnancies at Miracle in Sight in Round Rock... $99 for their package which includes a disc and print outs. ?They never rush it and I've run over my alloted time each time because they just keep going- fine by me! ?They have nice rooms with sofas and mounted plasmas to watch baby on. ?If baby doesn't cooperate, they will reschedule you to come back. ?I've been pleased each time and my family felt the same way (their room can accomodate at least 5 additional people- I had both sets of grandparents come). ?Have fun!
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