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PSA GMD seconds

Just saw on Facebook... 55 dozen newborn and medium wide seconds up on the website!

Re: PSA GMD seconds

  • Gah...someone stop me.  I just put in an order for more detergent & couldn't help but add a Sweet Pea pocket (because hey I've never tried them), a Sweet Pea cover, some prefolds, and a TT fitted. 

    So tempted to get some NB GMDs.  Seriously not even KU yet, but I so want them. 

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  • Thank you for posting this... I was waiting for their seconds sale and grabbed a couple dozen newborn prefolds.
    OHM born 12/16/11, BAM born 1/10/14, mmc 06/30/15
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  • Dammit. I was trying to check out amd I was having issues changing my address and then they sold out. Pish posh.

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