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World Series (NBR)

So I just bought my (HUGE Red Sox fan) husband 2 tickets to the game tomorrow night if they lose tonight. I'm not telling him until after the game tonight because I don't want to ruin the game if they win and he doesn't get to go. So now I just need to tell the whole interwebz to get it off my chest and because I'm still shaking from spending that incredibly ridiculous amount of money. YOLO, right? Hello credit card debt!

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Re: World Series (NBR)

  • Awesome! So if they win tonight, you get your money back right?
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  • So I bought them on StubHub and I get a full refund, but lose the processing fee if they win tonight. I paid $1650 for 2 bleacher seats. Eeeek! Funny thing is I called my Dad like a 14 year old before I bought them to ask if it was dumb and now he wants to buy 2 to flip them tomorrow morning if there is a game! I looked Monday for tickets tonight and they were literally $400 less a ticket so I'm sure Game 7 tickets will go up too.
    I would like my best wife ever award around Christmas so my whole family can see me receive it!

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  • That's awesome! Gah lucky husband
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  • Wonderful wife award :) Go Sox!
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