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Freaking Out!

We're sleep training tonight. We got his room about 80% done. So we moved him in tonight. It's going to be so weird not sleeping with Cade right next to me. I keep staring at the video monitor. I'm so glad we got it. I'm just stressed about it. However, after last night we knew we were done co sleeping/bedsharing. He kept waking up and crawling into bed with me. I cannot cuddle him anymore without my arms and shoulders hurting. I only got about 5 hours worth of sleep. I'm so tired. Hold my hand for the next few days. Thanks ladies!
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Re: Freaking Out!

  • Video monitors are awesome! It's one of those things I wouldn't have bought myself because I thought they were over the top. I now recommend them all the time!

    It will get better! When we moved my son, I slept on his floor for four nights because I was worried I wouldn't be able to wake up and feed him because I was too comfy in my bed. You will hear him. ;) Logan sleeps so much better in his room, and we do too.

    I still look at him on the monitor and he has been in his crib for 6 months. I don't think that goes away. :)
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  • good luck! Just keep thinking about how much better you will sleep soon.
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  • I hope last night went well. I love my video monitor. And we can't cosleep anymore either. She's just too interested in everything, she won't sleep. GL hon, you can do this!
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  • I feel for you. DD was a terrible bed sharer, she moved all the time and made little whining noises in her sleep so I kept waking up thinking she was about to cry. We had to stop way earlier than I wanted and I probably slept just as bad as if she was there for about a week before I adapted. Eventually we all slept so much better and it was worth it for our sanity in the end. You'll get there, be strong!
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  • We didn't bedshare, but DS slept in our room until he was five months old.  The first night we put him in his own room, I was stressed about it, but everyone slept so much better. Good luck with your transition! 

  • Hugs to you, Nana! Sleep training can be tough, but for us it was necessary for me to continue functioning. It didn't take long for DS and I to both be getting much more sleep and feeling a whole lot better. Hang in there!! It gets better soon!


  • Thank you guys! Well we've made it to past 8 am without a single fuss. So we'll see if maybe he was just ready for it of if it was a fluke. I loved not getting molested at 3 am by a snuggly Cade.
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  • Good luck with the sleep training!  What was your setup before moving him to his own room?  We still have DS in the PnP and pull him into bed when he wakes in the MOTN.  Things have to change soon, though, since he's getting too big for the upper level of the PnP.
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  • We had an Arms Reach and then we bedshared. We pushed the limits on the arms reach. But we got sleep that way and we weren't ready. I will say pushing all his furniture from our room to his was a pain.
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  • oh no, Nana! You were my inspiration for bedsharing!!!!! :) 

    I'm so glad the first night went well.  
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  • Bed sharing is great! It just got to the point where it was time to move things over. Rosie did this at about 8 months, Cade wanted to bed share longer. You just gotta listen to your babies cues! I also have zero idea how things would be bedsharing wise if we had BFed. So there is that.
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