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I started Clomid this cycle (Warning: child mentioned)

Okay- since I haven't been on The Bump since I had my little one I want to give everyone a little bit of my TTC story so you will have all the info and can give advice :-)

We started tracking/TTC in March.  I realize that it really hasn't been that long, but I just didn't understand why I wasn't gettting pregnant bc I did with #1 so easily.  I had a Paragaurd IUD for 2 years after I had #1 and had some horrible side effects from it (heavy periods, intense abdonimal pain, basically 2 years of misery before I decided I had enough).  So I thought maybe something was wrong bc of all the issues I had with paraguard.  OBGYN did a "radio-picto-graph"-- or I think that is what it is called-- and it showed tubes were open.  Which is good so we continued trying.  Last month SO had a seman analysis to make sure everything was good with him.  Everything checked out great with him, which was a huge relief bc he doesn't have any kids and my DS is from my first marriage. 

Over the last few months I went from a 28 day cycle to going 45-60 days (the irregular periods started during the June-July Cycle and after explaining to my OB about how my cycle was he said it sounds like I am not ovulating and the "period" isn't a period but actually break through bleeding.  (spotting before my "period" for a week- then 1 heavy day, 1 light day, and spotting for the next few days). 

This month I started on 50 mg of Clomid days 5-9 (I started it on 10/23/13).  I felt different the very next morning after taking it befor bed the night before.  I am having pain in my abdomin, like I feel like my ovaries are REALLY working.  I think that would be the best way to describe the feeling.  I have read this is normal-- but here is my question... has anyone had thiss type of pain and is it "good"?  Does it mean I am going to ovulate? 

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    Are you being monitored?  It could be a cyst - no way of knowing unless you are monitored.  You should have had an ultrasound before taking the medicine and then have one coming up again around CD10 to be sure you are responding ok, it didn't thin out your lining too much (a common side effect), or you don't have a cyst...or you could be way over responding and end up with 8 eggs.  OBs are notorious for passing out clomid like candy with no proper monitoring, and it sounds like that may be the case with you. 

    I'd ask for an ultrasound, and I wouldn't take unmonitored clomid again.  Sometimes it will work just fine, but other times there are horror stories about cysts going undetected or lining being so thin, no egg can ever implant.  Instead wait a year of TTC (or 6 months if over 35) and see an RE.

    Good luck!

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  • I agree, I only had pain when I had cysts.  I had 2 cysts that were 40 mm & 60 mm.  They pretty much filled up my entire pelvic area so they couldn't even see the other ovary to see if there were cysts on it too.  The pain I felt was sharp pain if I had a full bladder, went to the bathroom, sat on something hard (like the side of the bathtub or a bench), or had sex.  It was awful sharp pain.  That sounds a little different than the pain you are describing, but still make sure you are monitored.  It is very important.
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  • See an RE for sure.  Also, your long cycles could be PCOS related.  I average 48 days per cycle pre clomid.  It makes TI almost impossible so that could be part of your problem.  I would see an RE immediately.
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  • EEK... They did an ultrasound in July- but only bc I thought I was pregnant bc this was the first of my LONG cycles.  They did the US and pregnancy test and it was neg- and no baby. 

    I really hope I do not have cysts :-( I read the brochure that they gave me with the clomid prescription but I guess I was depending on my OB to tell me what side effects I was at risk for. 

    He did not do any blood work on me until today - and that was to see if I ovulated this cycle.  After reading what you guys are saying I think I need to call the RE that we went to for the seman analysis.  I don't know why my OB didn't just refer me to them it's been 6+ months :-(

    And here is another fear--I read about the over stimulating but everything I read in the pamphlet said that comes with side effects like nausea/vomiting and I had none of that.  How common is that?  My biggest fear with starting these meds is that we would end up like one of those couples on TV with 8 kids. I will be very happy with one baby- I can deal with twins and really I would think that is kind of cool, just really stressful since I do have a 4 year old that is very active-- but I do not think I can handle more than that!  LOL I am pretty sure I would lose my sanity. 

    And just for a little update I am at day 23 and I am feeling pain during SI- it feels like he is poking me in the cervix/uterus- I haven't had that feeling before.  And last 2 days I have felt a lot of pressure in my uterus.  It is a slight pain, but more pressure.  My hope is that this is from implantation and that next week I will have a BFP. 

    And I will call my Dr's office tomorrow and request an US.  I was in there today and SO told me to tell them about my symptoms but I didn't see the OB, just the nurse and they seemed so busy I felt like it would be a bit of a bother to ask to talk to the OB while I was there.  (I am now kicking myself for that- especially after reading the responses :-(  )

  • Thanks! I missed the OBs call today but I'm planning to call him on Monday to tell him about it.

    He did get my Progesterone levels already and says they are 27.8 which is ovualatory (according to his voicemail). So provided there isn't a giant cyst, and my cervix isn't to thin - there is a possibility of a BFP this month.

    I am trying sooooo hard to not get excited bc I won't lie nothing is more heart breaking than thinking you might be... And then not... :-( counting down to day 28 so I can officially test... Although I've taken several tests lol. I bought 25 for $5 on amazon so ive been testing almost everyday... *hoping* to see 2 lines :-)
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