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White diapers = bad idea?

I'm back on the cloth diaper kick and seriously considering (yet again) to go that route... lol.  This will be our first baby and it'd be nice to be able to re-use a lot of the diapers in the future for a 2nd child if they hold up long enough.  We're having a boy but I'm thinking it's wise to find gender neutral colors in the event we have a girl later down the road.  If I got white diapers (we're thinking one size pocket, like a bumgenius 4.0 or something similar) would they look gross after a while?  I'm just thinking about my white towels or my white tees.... after a while they just don't look so fresh anymore.  Thoughts?

Re: White diapers = bad idea?

  • I have a Couple white diapers and they look fine
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    I have one or two white diapers...they look just as white as day one. We've been CDing for almost seven months. ETA boys can have fun prints too!
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  • I think they all show wear, and I haven't noticed my whites look worse.  Whites are nice because they don't show through, but there are tons of gender neutral prints and colors.  I honestly do not think I would CD if they were only white.  I would try a few colors, brands, types, and see what you like.  It's not like you can't put a blue diaper on a girl, so get what you want.  
  • My white BG Freetimes mostly look great. They get a little pink tinge sometimes from all of my purple diapers. But it doesn't bother me. Something to consider though.
    Although I agree with PPs, all white CDs would be so boring and defeat half the purpose of CDing!
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  • I have a few and a white cover. I think it's good to have one or two if you ever need to make sure they don't show through something.
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  • I love my whites. But....I really love all my solid colors. I told dh when we have a third if its a boy hell be rockin pink diapers. 

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  • I guess I am the black sheep b/c I have a white diaper (Charlie Banana pocket) that somehow got poop stains all the way through onto the PUL. This happened at least 10 months ago, and even though it gets used all the time, the stains have never gone away. FWIW, I have two of them and the other one is fine but not bright white.



  • Have you sunned it inside out? @unaveragejane
    Wow, I totally never even thought about flipping it completely inside out! I will try to remember that the next time it gets washed and we have sunshine.


  • I had 2 white BG 4.0's. They are now pink (thanks to all my red and purple dipes). We use them as swim dipes now.
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  • I only avoid white diapers because, like others, I accidentally dry them. :(
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  • I have one white BB and one white Kawaii pocket.......The reason I didn't go with Real Nappies or Econappies is they only had white covers and I wanted the cute prints and colors.  If I wanted boring diapers I would have just gone with disposables.  I'm hoping I get gift certs for diapers for Christmas so that I can get one of the rainbow/multicolored SoftBums ones.

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  • I'm pretty sure I have a white Thirsties cover around here but I can never seem to find it.

    We have mostly gender neutral colors, and a few boy-ish colors and prints. Have fun with your stash! Don't go with all one color. For that matter, a lot of us prefer to have several types/brands. It makes your stash more versatile. Many people find that different diapers work for different stages and situations. Every now and then there is a thread where the OP has a stash of all one thing and they are having to troubleshoot. If they had a variety, they could just set aside the problem diapers until their LO grows into it/outgrows a sensitivity/changes how or when they poo, whathaveyou.

    Also, if we have a second baby and it's a girl, while we already have plenty of diapers, that will give me an excuse to buy more diapers! I will probably retire my pockets at some point anyway and will want to replace them.

  • I like having a few white diapers also, but they do get boring. Unless you really care about gendered colors get what you like. When I was ordering a few more diapers after DS was born my DH said no get one of each color, there is nothing wrong with pink. So DS now rocks a bright pink diaper on occasion.
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  • We have some white Econobums covers, and they look fine. Other than that, we hardly have any. Our gender neutral stuff is yellow, green, light blue, and orange. I do think it's nice to have a couple white diapers or covers in case you have a little girl and she's wearing a light-colored dress for pictures or something... but like everyone else, I wouldn't want my whole stash to be white.

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  • We were team green so DD has a bunch of fun gender neutral prints and solid colors. We have a white diaper that has held up perfectly through everything and looks just fine even though I often dry the shell.
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  • I have a couple white pockets (BG 4.0) that have been in the rotation since DS started in CD's (so about 21 months now) and they look fine. I haven't had problems with staining or other colors bleeding onto them. That being said, I had more white diapers that I sold off because they were so boring! I was team green for my first, and am again for my second LO and my stash is full of bright colors and prints that are neutral enough for either a boy or a girl.
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  • Our LO isn't here yet, but all white diapers would be so boring to me!  We have one or two BG 4.0s that are white.  Our newborn stash is almost all gender neutral-- we have one or two boy-ish prints-- but the only way to justify the cost of a complete newborn stash to me was to be able to use all the newborn diapers for future children.  Our one-size stash is mostly solids- red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, one purple diaper, some prints that are gender neutral, and a few prints (like construction vehicles, monsters and dinosaurs) that I would have no problem using on a girl-- but would probably not use much since there are a ton of adorable girls' prints and solids that I would buy.  

    Basically for us before we knew what we were having we agreed to keep most of the diapers neutral with a handful of cute "boy" diapers or "girl" diapers.  
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  • LOL I'm just realizing the OP didn't say she wanted to get ONLY white diapers, but she just wanted to know how they held up.

  • We have a white 4.0 that has been fine so far - no stains, PUL looks good. I have accidentally dried it a few times though! I like to have it because it matches everything or I can put it under something light and it won't show through. All of ours are neutral, though I'm planning to get all the new BG prints and probably a Lovelace as well, and would use them on a boy in the future without hesitation! 

    My diapers said to wash the darks separately from lights for the first 6-8 washes or something so that they won't bleed - I think this would help with the staining purple/red/pink etc. 
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  • PUL as a fabric is totally different than cotton, so you don't get the dinginess like you experience with t-shirts and such.

    I have 2 pockets and 1 cover in white and like having a couple of options that don't show through light clothing. The white diapers still look fine.
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  • Robi1 said:
    We have a white 4.0 that has been fine so far - no stains, PUL looks good. I have accidentally dried it a few times though!
    Thanks everyone for the insight!  And actually to be specific, I am leaning towards an almost entirely white stash.  I'm really hooked on the BG 4.0 and when I saw the color selection I wasn't too thrilled with their gender neutral choices, with the exception of the black and white math one (Einstein?).  I like the idea of all white and maybe those black and white ones too.  I may build up a collection of a 3rd color and designate those as the overnight ones so that when we establish a laundry routine I can stuff those differently just for nighttime wear.  I may change my mind but the fun colors and prints are the least of my interests.  For the most part, aside from the summer, the lil one will have clothes over the diapers anyway. 

    On another note, as the poster above quickly mentioned, am I not suppose to dry BG 4.0?  Are they hang dry only? 

    Of course, I'm hooked on BG 4.0 because they just happen to be the ones I saw first.  If there's a comparable brand that does the same thing I'd be happen to do research in that direction too.  We like BG 4.0 because we can register for them at BRU and Amazon so if they turn out to work for our lil one it'll be super convenient. 
  • Drying can wear out the elastic faster. I don't sew so I try to air dry mine as much as possible.
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  • OP, unless you have a really large baby to start with you might also consider a newborn stash, as the 4.0 won't fit him/her right away. If you've lurked on the board a fair amount I'm sure you know this already.

  • I prefer white, they sun really nicely!
  • We use flats with covers. The flats are white diaper flannel. After nearly 15 months of diapering, they have held up beautifully - they are not dingy the way T-shirts and towels get, and I only use bleach once every couple of months. The white covers I had held up as well; as someone else PUL is a very forgiving material.
  • I can't comment on white diapers since I don't have any, but I wanted to say that I think gender neutral is overrated! CDs are so fun, and your baby won't care what he's wearing; get what you like! I have a son and my current favorite diaper is Baby Blooms:


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