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First U/S-question about heartrate?

Hey ladies, I had my first u/s this preg today, at 6w4d. The heart was beating yea! But, the rate was 96 bpm. And measured at 6w. I had a midwife appt later (they refer ultrasounds out so I went to radiology). I hadn't met this one before (group) and she goes, oh that's slow...didn't expand further. After the appt I visited Dr. Google and found conflicting info! Some said '90-100 bpm normal for 6 weeks' some said '50% chance of miscarriage'!

 I called the head midwife and asked had she gotten the u/s report yet (prob not till tomorrow) and told her about the heartrate. She said, it's slow but don't worry, it's not always accurate this early (the tech took it really fast and just once). She'll call when she gets the report.

 Sooooo, of course my pgal brain has been screaming at me all day 'loss loss loss'  : (  I have had no bleeding or cramping at all, my hcg was good and I'm on progesterone. But last time, I saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks and apparently growth stopped a few days later, m/c at 10 weeks. So really I don't know whether to be excited or scared to death!!! What do you think? Worry or chill?

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  • Thanks ladies!  I'm going to try to keep my chin up, but I feel very stressed right now...
  • My first u/s my last pregnancy, baby measured 5w6d and had a heart rate of 91 Bpm. My doc also said it was slow,and my googling also showed average of 90-100 at 6w. It must've just started beating. That little baby is now a crazy 2 year old.

    Hopefully your next u/s shows lots of growth and a much faster heartbeat!

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  • If the hb just started then it being low is normal. That and the u/s measurements are usually +/- 5 days so you are measuring within that. (((Hugs)))

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  • @Mattsgirl2004 had a similar experience but her GA was a little younger. She just had her n/t scan and she's 12w.
  • At my ultrasound on Monday, the RE said anything over 100 bpm was good.  You are so close to that.  And like the other ladies have said, the baby is so tiny right now and the measurements could easily be off.

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  • ((((Hugs)))) it can be scary. I was in your shoes with my last pregnancy, which for me, ended up in mc. But like PP's have said, so many babies can start off just a tad lower  or your dates could be slightly off and baby is just fine. I would agree that cautious optimisim is the best here. It doesn't hurt to be hopeful and consider the possibility that this baby will be just fine. FX for a great follow-up appointment and a healthy, growing LO!

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  • Another vote for cautious optimism.  At what was supposedly 6w1d mine was too small to measure, even, forget hb.  A week later it measured 6w5d and had a good hb.  and then 3 weeks later it was measuring 10w1d.  And yesterday, another 3 weeks later, we didn't have an u/s -just a regular check-up, but there was a heartbeat on doppler.    So - so far so good even with a bit of a slow start.  I really hope yours will turn out like that too and that the slowish hb now is just because it only just started beating - or that maybe the measurement was too quick and not that accurate.

    FX for you!  How long to you have to wait for another scan?
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  •  I don't know, next week sometime-radiology is going to call me tomorrow to schedule.

     I just talked to the midwife again-she didn't offer a scan, I had to ask her for it and she made it out like well the hb's low but not that low. Well you just said it was low lady! (I said it much nicer than that...) so I advocated for myself.

     It's good to hear some good outcomes here! Sometimes I wonder if all my babies had a slower start, every one was past due by one to two weeks but none of them ever looked postdue...I always wondered how good my dates are.
  • I vote for cautious optimism. I had an early u/s at a preg. center just to confirm preg. implantation. At that u/s my LO had a heart rate of around 107 I believe. About a week later at my reg. Ob, we couldn't find anything. I am now 13 1/2 ish weeks. Good luck. 
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