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Any one delivering or have delivered at VA hospital center?

Hello ladies, 

I am in the process of changing doctors (my doc of 12 years left). I am going to have my first appointment with a practice called Women to Women and I believe they deliver at VA hospital center. Does anyone know how this facility is? Any comments about the hospital or practice would be great. 


Re: Any one delivering or have delivered at VA hospital center?

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    Drs. Caskie and Holmes are my favorite docs in that practice.  I think they've brought in some new doctors since I had my daughter, so I don't know all of them anymore.  They're friendly overall.  I saw in another post you want to go natural.  From my experience 4 yrs. ago, they're not the most natural birth-friendly practice.  They're open to it - as long as you deliver on your own, quickly, by 41 weeks.

    VHC itself is great. 

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  • I don't go to that practice but I delivered my son at VHC and the experience was great!  Nurses were nice, rooms were clean.  I'll be delivering there again in April.

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  • I go to Dr. Lashgari and will be delivering at VHC in July.  It seems like a wonderful facility.
  • I delivered there on Christmas day. The staff stuck with the 7a-7p shift were really pissed and took it out on us. When the staff changed at 7pm, the new team was fantastic. Recovery was good as well - excellent lactation consultants on staff and food was good. 

    I hear good things about Women to Women but just be aware that VHC has a c-section rate of 40%. In fact, all of the northern VA hospitals do. If you want a hospital with a more reasonable rate, you'll have to come into the district. 
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  • The military has been sending me to an outside doctor. They told me that they don't have a baby doctor, nor do they deliver. So that is news to me. Sorry I couldn't be any help.
  • I had my baby there in July. Some of the nurses were great, some were horrible. The anesthesiologist screwed up my epidural so I ended up getting it twice. The labor and delivery rooms are nice and big and have a comfy place for dad to lay. The room they move you to afterward is tiny and dad's bed is terrible. Overall I think it's just OK.
  • I had three of my kids there - one c-section, one vaginal with epi, one natural. Great hospital - good rooms, good nurses. Virginia Women's Center is a wonderful practice and very open to avoiding c-sections (I had two VBACs and they were super supportive of it).
  • I'm due in July. I also go to the Women to Women center and expect to deliver at Virginia Hospital Center. So far I've seen only Dr Cobbs.
  • I went to Women to Women, and also delivered at VA hospital center.  My baby was delivered by Dr. Williams, but over the course of my pregnancy, I saw all the doctors at WTW.  I liked all the doctors at WTW and had a great experience with the nurses, doctors and anesthiologists at Virginia Hospital Center.

  • I've been going to Dr. Lashgari-Prathor for several years for my GYN and like the practice overall.  I'm not due until August and have been entertaining the idea of switching to a doctor that admits at either Sibley or (if I can endure the drive to Falls Church) Inova Fairfax b/c I seem to hear really good things about both hospitals, not to mention Inova Fairfax is nationally ranked in U.S. News and World Report. However, so far we don't seem to be a high risk pregnancy and might just stick it out with VHC unless things change. Has anyone else considered doing something like this because of where you wanted to deliver?
  • I've delivered both of my children at VHC and anticipate doing the same with baby 3. With regards to the cesarean rates at VHC, they have one of the highest level NICUs in the area, and tend to draw higher risk pregnancies; hence the higher C rate (same with Inova Fairfax). I thought the care we received was top notch. Like any hospital, you have your good/less good nurses, but if you make nice with the good ones, they'll request you in their rounds. (Nurse Donna in the recovery ward is amazing!).

    I had a medically necessary cesarean both times, and they were both fine. In my first, my spinal never kicked in so they put me under general anesthesia and everything worked out. With my second, my anesthesiologist was amazing. If you do need a cesarean, my OB Dr. Armstrong is really great. Most of the other doctors and nurses at the hospital have him deliver their babies.

    I hope you don't need to spend any time in the NICU, but if you do the staff is amazing. Dr. Hultzen was my daughter's neonatologist, and he have her fantastic care while she was still with us. When she died, he tried for over an hour to resuscitate her, and cried with us when he couldn't save her. He gave us his personal phone number in case we ever had any questions at any time, and fought the state to make sure she was transferred to Children's for her autopsy so she could get the most thorough and accurate examination.

    The hospital staff is also very caring if you do have a terrible outcome. They moved us to the oncology ward after Eleanor passed so we wouldn't have to hear all of the hustle of other babies being born and cared for. In comparison to what I've heard from other loss moms, VHC gives very special care.

    For the best outcomes (a healthy happy baby), I was also very satisfied. I thought the food selection and quality was very good. The cafeteria also has good options for your SO, and they'll give you some coupons so he/she can order room service too if you want.

    Bring cash for parking; though there are ATMs throughout the hospital. The Green lot is the most convenient to the L&D ward. Good luck!
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  • Delivery stay in Feb 2012 couldn't have been better which was why I was tremendously let down when Mar 2013 delivery stay was not good at all.  
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