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Baby Cottom's Born

Oct 5th 2013 my two little boys were born! Mason Luca at 11:30 pm weighing 4 lb 11.6 oz. Tyler James 11:31 pm weighing 4 lb 3 oz. They were born via C-section at 36 weeks 2 days. We were told that Mason hadn't grown since my last appointment so there was risk for still birth. This was told to us on Monday by our MFM when three days before my OB was going to let me go to 38 weeks and both babies were head down. Mason flipped over the weekend. That was funny to me since they had both been head down since 23 weeks. Now they are here and are 3 weeks old!!!
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  • Wow! Congratulations!!! Glad everything went well! Did everybody come home right away, no NICU stays??

  • Congratulations! Enjoy snuggling with your boys!
                         My fraternal twin boys. Born Sept 2013.
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  • Congratulations :-)

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  • Mason was in the nicu 2 days due to being born early. Tyler went to the nicu as well. But he actually had apnea (sp) and he wasn't maintaining temperature and he stopped breathing a few times. Once you have an episode like that the nicu requires a 7 day stay. Which is minimum. Then they found blood in his stool. They thought it could be a milk protein allergy. So they changed his formula (I was supplementing breast milk as best as I could, due to my milk not being fully in yet). The formula they changed him too he hated! So we did just breast milk until he was discharged. So Tyler was in a week and Mason ended up going home when I did after the normal 3 days after a c section.
  • Glad everything worked out!!
  • Wonderful news! Congratulations!


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  • Congratulations on your boys! Glad you are all home and OK!
  • Congratulations! Glad they're both home and doing well. I had a late flipper too, Baby A flipped to breech around 33 weeks. :)
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  • Congrats!


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