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Why does my butt cheek hurt?!?!?

Why in the world does my butt cheek hurt? Almost like I pulled a muscle and I did nothing to cause that. It has been on and off for a few weeks. Makes it very uncomfortable to walk. Anyone else have this or know what would cause it?
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Re: Why does my butt cheek hurt?!?!?

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    I had that exact same pain about a 2 weeks ago, lasted a few days now it's gone. I don't have any answers as to what caused it though. Sorry! 

    ps. my ticker is wrong and thebump won't let me get rid of it, I'm 13 weeks :)
  • Sciatica is very common in pregnancy

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  • Sounds like sciatica to me! I had it really bad in the 3rd Tri with DD and I am already experiencing it!
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  • I had this exact thing and thought it was from picking my niece up but the chiropractor said it was the muscle. I couldn't walk without it hurting and when I would turn a certain way it was worse. I got adjusted a few times and it has gotten a lot better! He said its the muscle that sits above your sciatica so it can cause that to hurt as well. He adjusted right above my hip the last time and I could definitely feel a difference.

  • Agree with pp, chiropractic care should help with that.
  • I get where it's like a punch nerve right above my left butt cheek every now and than. Boy- does it hurt!

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  • My left butt cheek hurts too kind of where the bones meet at the back :-/
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  • Yes so happy you asked this!!
  • I've had this off and on, too. I just figured it had to do with the relaxing of the ligaments. My doc confirmed that that's probably what it is.
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    Haha I had this forever with my 1st. It was sciatica. Good luck bc it hurts like a mother!
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  • SPIDER BITE!!!!!

    Not helpful, I know. I had sciatica with my first, started 2nd tri. Weekly prenatal massage was a God send.

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  • Ashleea439Ashleea439 member
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    typeset said:

    The pain in my ass is caused by my husband. 

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Haha! I actually lol on this one!
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  • Thanks ladies! I hope it gets better soon!
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  • Definitely sciatica. Sometimes I'll bend over and won't be able to stand up straight because the pain is so sharp in my right butt cheek, haha. If I wake up in the middle of the night my legs and lower back are achey and uncomfortable too. I think I need to get me a snoogle.
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  • I am really glad you asked this! I have had some pain as well and thought I just somehow pulled a muscle in my butt at work. It never occurred to me it could be sciatica! I kind of though the was more leg pain, but I never looked into that much. I guess it is just nice to have a reason for it and know I am not the only one.
  • Sciatica sucks. That is all.

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  • I am 13 weeks, and have had the same awful pain for about 4 weeks now. No signs of it getting any better, it actually has been hurting much worse the past few days.
  • My right butt cheek hurt a couple days last week, then went away. Strangest thing!

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  • Sorry to hear that! It could be sciatica, but it could also be your it band- often the pain is felt right in the middle of your bum cheek. I'm a yoga instructor; google images of reclined gomukhasana (also called cow faced pose) and reclined pigeon pose. Hopefully stretching will make you feel better. 
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